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Thread: Using PatchPbo - how?

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    Using PatchPbo - how?

    Hey guys!

    Been hitting a bit of a stalemate getting patchPbo to run.
    Following the readme to pack some new content from a folder into a simple test.pbo, like this:
    patchpbo -c test_old.pbo test_new test_new.pbo
    (test_old.pbo & test_new folder exist, test_new.pbo needs to be created)

    always results in an error message saying "Reading test_new\test_old.pbo .. DePbo no file found"

    So it seems as though it uses the 2nd argument from the exe call as root folder for it´s operation, which doesn´t make sense to me.
    I haven´t tried around much more as i really only barely understand the directions given in the readme.
    Must be a stupid beginners error i´m making

    Here´s the link to Mikeros tools:

    Help would be appreciated.

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    well, from one ofp slut to another, i may have introduced an 'undocumented feature' in one of the various upgrades to the dll. I'll check this out and get back to you.

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    Aye, gotta love undocumented features
    thx alot for looking into it!

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