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Thread: Mi-24 Hind template request

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    Mi-24 Hind template request

    is it possible to recive clear template for Hind dlc of Mi-24?

    (question for Bohemia)
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    Patience you must have. Promised it has been.

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    Yes, it's coming in an updated samples package, which is being prepared together with RLib 4.0 documentation.
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    if only all the lads over at BIS (a2/oa) would spend a nickle of the time you blokes from TKOH do on some of the samples and documentation that have been requested over and over again...

    props for you mate, i can hardly wait to spend some time dicking about with it jolly good


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    Does anyone know where to find PBO tools which can handle the format changes in Take on Hinds? I want get at the configs...

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    It seems like the PBOs from the Hind DLC can't be extracted with any of the existing tools at the moment.

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