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Thread: Is this the right game?

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    For your CO issue,

    On steam you should have Operation Arrowhead in your library yes?
    Click that and a dialog will appears asking whether to launch OA Standalone (Or something to that effect) and another option for Combined Operations.

    Hope that helps,


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNoobWar View Post
    Can anyone help me?
    With what? need to say what for lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNoobWar View Post
    Can anyone help me?
    To get Combined Ops running via the steam downloads, do exactly this:

    1: Download and install ArmAII
    2: Download and Install ArmAII: Operation Arrowhead.
    3: Run ArmAII on it's own. Quit out once you see the main menu.
    4: Run Operation Arrowhead, select "Run as Combined Ops" on the pop up that appeard.

    You're done.

    4a: You can confirm you are running as Combined Ops by clicking "Single Player" then "Editor" and then when presented with the map list, you will see AT LEAST the following: Takistan, Zargabad, Utes and Cherneraus. There may be more and that's fine as long as you can see those 4.

    Enjoy your Combined Ops.

    5: Post a lovely nice thank you right here to me ^^

    You can play on any CO servers. If you wish to play on ArmA:Free servers, perform these 2 additional steps:

    6: Download ArmA:Free
    7: When you wish to play with friends playing in ArmA:Free, launch that instead.

    Operation Arrowhead is _NOT_ compatible with A2:Free last time I checked. A2 without OA is on an older version of the engine.

    I have to wonder why sims always have so many versions and updates. I had silly problems with DCS D:
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    Asked in April, in the wrong forum section, last post in september (which was a complete useless post on itself already)..............I would say answering this thread after so many months is not very usefull. Better help people in some more recent threads where help like you provide above (which is of course very welcome) will be much more appreciated by the poster(s).
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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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