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Thread: Fire effects for A.C.E.

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    Fire effects for A.C.E.

    I am resurrecting an old mission I made a few years ago.. It seems old triggers don't work like they used to work. (For instance "Commandfire" no longer works on elevated helipads?) I will be able to fix that I'm sure...but the problem I am having is the fire effects..I create a gamelogic and name it Firelogic. Then I create a trigger...("this = [firelogic,15,time,false,true] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn;" )It works without ACE....but I need it to work WITH ACE. Is there another way to create fire with ACE?
    I just need static fire for the atmosphere of the mission...Large scale fire that is......

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    Forgive the necropost but I have not been able to find a proper answer to this and am needing to light some things on fire. When I have used the BIS script all I get is a lot of smoke but no real visible flames.

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