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Thread: Arma 2 CO steam to non-steam version

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    Unhappy Arma 2 CO steam to non-steam version


    I have recently started to explore possibility of playing ArmA 2 Combined Operations with mods, but the process seems to be a lot more annoying with steam version of the game, as there is no direct executable to launch combined operations, only some batch workaround by steam. I own also OFP Platinum, and i remember how easy was to run mods with it. I am all sad that steam version of ArmA 2 CO is so clumsy. Some advanced mods like ACE require more complex steps than just throwing PBO files in the directory. And while i believe there is a way to get everything running even with steam version, it seems like its not exactly walk in the park and you often have to get a lot more involved than you would usually like to and sacrifice a lot more time than you would like to just to get some simple things running.

    So here is the thing. As i own both ArmA 2 and OA on steam with valid CD keys, is there any way i could get ahold of some installer, some game client perhaps, to deploy original ArmA 2 + OA, not Steam one, and then use my CD keys with it?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Its pretty much the same way using steam as not using steam.
    In your library right click on OA choose properties and then launch options, then put the line with addons you want to use just as you would if you did not have steam.
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    But that will launch only OA with ace, not CO, or am i wrong?

    Anyway, my primary question is if i can somehow transfer my steam ArmA 2 CO licence to non-steam one. I did a big mistake buying a steam version and now i regret it. I regret it so much that i am actually thinking about buying the game again in non-steam version. But before i throw the money i spent for Steam version out of the window, i want to make sure there is no other way.

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    When you start Operation Arrowhead you get a question if you want to play OA or CO.

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    Jeez, yes... i know! But i can't for example place CO shortcut on my desktop. There is just too many things Steam version is limited in. I dont even want to run Steam to launch ArmA. I hate that link. I just want clean ArmA without this steam bloatware. The one that i can execute right from desktop, create shortcut for, and where game isn't buried in some Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead bullshit directory.

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    The Steam version is exactly the same as the non-Steam version. I have several different versions on several clients, but my main client is Steam all the way. I have only ever run it through Steam once or twice.

    You create a desktop shortcut of the Arrowhead executeable and it will detect via the registry if you have Arma 2 installed and then run as combined Ops. You can then use Mods by using the in game expansion menu.

    The exe can be found at;

    c:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe

    Alternatively do what I do and use Six Updater - you will never look back. It will detect your install and adding mods and launching the game is easy peasy!
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    It doesnt seem to work. I downloaded Six Updated, installed ACE and Zeus AI for ACE, but AI is still incredibly dumb like it was before. The main reason i wanted to add mods to the game was to improve AI.

    I simply cannot finish campaign. Not because i don't have what it takes, but because of incredible AI stupidity. They do not know how to take cover and always get shot. And as soon as a member of razor team dies, mission ends. They always get shot, and using command find cover (1-8) seems to make things even worse.

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    I am not sure that ACE or Zeus is are going to help you here. If anything, adding these mods will make it harder as they are mainly focused on the enemy AI. Zeus is pretty old now as well and a lot of the content from this mod went into ACE anyway. The ACE guys don't recommend you run the two together anymore.

    You could try my own enhanced skills slider (link in my sig), which you can use to tone down the enemy AI skills. Other than that, you need to keep tighter control of your squad - tell them where to move, tell then to go prone, issue hold fire so they don't give their position away etc. Just letting an AI squad 'do their thing' isn't always wise if you need them to all survive.

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    Yes, i figured... but that absolutely ruins my experience. In real life your team should be buch of guys that got your ass, not bunch of babies that can't even wipe their own without telling them how...

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    Sounds like you would prefer online co-op in that case. Try and find a decent squad in the squad thread - at least then you will get a bunch of reasonably intelligent soldiers watching your arse (in the manly soldiery type way of course).

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