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Thread: Moutain Warfare: Tanks don't climb moutains

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    Moutain Warfare: Tanks don't climb moutains

    This is new since 1.60 probably.

    Funny: As soon as I - as comander - get closer to them, like in view distance, they start climbing.

    Before they remain at foot of hill making a dancing like movement, turning continiously left and right like children from a childrens home ('hospitalism').

    Any hints for me ? I like Moutain Warfare a lot.
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    Use mountain warfare tactics?
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    Ooops ... what you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbal Influence View Post
    Ooops ... what you mean?
    He means that official all aroudn the word mountain warfare tactics is NOT to use heavy vehicles in montainous areas because especially modern tanks are too heavy depite having lots of nominal power...te weight of 60 tons eats that off. MOntain warfare = Light units, light infantry, light vehicles, helicopters and mules.

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    I got bored of seeing this thread pop up over and over, so I did a little analysis of Takistan:

    Click for fullsize

    Considering M1 Abrams as default vehicle:
    Everywhere that is white or blue is fairly flat and can be traversed at full speed.
    Anywhere that is light green can be traversed at a maximum of 27 km/h, you get gradually slower and slower untill you reach the orangey-brown, where you do a maximum of ~7 km/h.
    Anything in red is completely impassable to tracked (and most wheeled) vehicles.

    Note the amount of red which borders the blue sections, especially around the center of the map.

    This does not consider the physical quality of the terrain surfact (in real life I would assume that ~80% of that map would be loose shale/rock and too soft to drive up.

    As for the "bug", I imagine that the path planning is not fully prioritised when the group leader is far away from the vehicles. Its understandable that the AI wouldn't want to drive up somewhere they technically shouldn't be...
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    well you are 1 of the greatest examples that pressing the reply button doesn't mean necessarily answering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DM View Post
    I got bored of seeing this thread pop up over and over, so I did a little analysis of Takistan:
    Kind of off topic, but how the hell did you generate that image?

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    Definitely MS Paint. Without a doubt!

    I'm guessing the topology command was used somewhere along the line.

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    Ok, thx for the explanations. I considered it "tooo intelligent" to only climb up mountains when I am around myself .... couldn't believe it.

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