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Thread: Looking for Military/Strategy Books

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    Looking for Military/Strategy Books

    Hey all,

    I'm searching for books as per the above (including books about the hardware rather than the tactics - i.e. tanks, and with a modern focus (i.e. cold-war to now and into the future)). For example, I have a fantastic book that breaks down some WW2 land battles (although not in the greatest of detail), with some pictures and a map or two. Anything like that would be good too.

    I love a good diagram/image here and there, so no novels, please!

    Any ideas?
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    Hey mate...

    There are always manuals. There are a few translated manuals of Russian armour and APC's.

    There's always random PDF's on technicals you can find all over google (like weaponry technical briefs).

    Hope this helps...

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    "The Battle For The Falklands" by Max Hastings and Simon Jenkins is a good one, as is most of Tom Clancy's non-fiction work.
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    I have a book called "Combat", it's from the 80's, early 90's, and most things are explained in it. From patrolling on foot, to sniper stalking to tank tactics.
    It's not exactly what you're looking for, but can be quite handy.

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    These might be useful. They are not books though:
    “[…] today's high tech wars don't seem to have as much potential for a good game as the conventional infantry / armour / aircraft war has. No other period offers such a huge selection of military equipment […]” -Marek Spanel, on the topic of the Cold War in video games

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