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Thread: ShackTac Littlebird Enhancement Mod (beta)

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    well... I love you

    Theres a bit of issues with the skids and ffv that im sure youre well aware of, but yea... loves going your way right now.

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    Amazing work! This has been needed for so long, thank you so much for releasing this to the public.

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    Now if only BIS had NATIVE firing from vehicles we wouldn't have too many other issues

    Thanks again Dsylecxi.

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    would it be hard to haul it over to for example the blackhawks (shooting out of the back seats) etc ?

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    VERY NICE! Love the 2nd vid - I recognize that action from Blackhawk Down

    Question - are you using the default BIS flight model for the little birds? I hope you say no - if you say yes then that means I'm a REALLY bad little bird pilot!

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    just a silly question...

    It is possible to port to vanilla OA?

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    Haven't been able to try the mod as I don't have ACE2 but I did want to ask; what map and/or grass mod is depicted in the pictures on DevHeaven please?

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    This looks promising, will definitely give it a go.

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    Just finished testing.

    Dear god. This is top notch! One question, Can it be server side only?
    "What's the range to the foot mobile?" "Oh I don't know I'd probably say.." * Gunshot * "He was at 1200M"

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    Heh, tried with with SP and got a suprise (I won't spoil it for anyone else).

    This is [B]much[.B] too nice to be restricted to MP....

    Love the stuff you guys out out, from ST_movement to the indispensible Dslyecxi's Guide.



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