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Thread: CSLA for A2:CO (with campaign '89)

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    Exclamation CSLA for A2:CO (with campaign '89)

    Note that CSLA Mod has been released in latest version v.2.26 - related info with download links can be found here:

    Hello CSLA folks,
    we are proud that we can announce the release of updated CSLA Mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations, which finally includes an extensive singleplayer campaign, codenamed '89.

    Way to this "more or less" the last release for A2:CO was long and full of surprises.
    Along with the work on the other stunning addons, singleplayer and multiplayer missions, we were working on the largest campaign ever, for more than a year.
    When we look into our dev-log, we see there more than 1600 hours (without testing) spent on the editing of this mega-project.

    When I look into the past, a lot of interesting things happened during this period.
    One of our team members build own villa, another team member completely destroyed his PC as his water cooling system leak a water into the case.
    Another one become married and three months ago, his wife born him a beautiful son.
    Unfortunately, we also lost one good and young friend which was a great fan of CSLA Mod from the old OFP times.
    Therefore, the campaign is dedicated to him.
    Rest in peace Ondrej.

    But, back to the release ...
    Along with the campaign are in the updated Mod included also new vehicles and other features.
    Just to be short, I will point out on the soviet submarine Class OSCAR II, K-349 "Dnepr", which is our small flashback to the OFP times.
    As a bonus in this release you may also find two vehicles which are not from the Cold War Era.
    We added the "digital" MiG-29AS and (already retired) Mi-24V of Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic as a honor to our history - this year is 69. anniversary of Slovak national uprising during the WWII.
    And yes, we will probably add more equipment of this faction in the future (A3?) .. who knows

    Now few words to the SP/MP missions ...
    As you probably saw in the past, some of the SP missions are locked by default.
    In this case, you need to play and finish other SP missions to enable this locked content.
    Note that many of the missions contains random elements or procedures, so they can be playable more than two times.
    And note that also some of the missions required also ACR DLC (can be also Lite), mainly due to "summer island".
    Operation Venkov is another unique piece in our large collection of playable content.
    This mission is originaly created as a large MP COOP, therefore you will find it's two (one for the ACR DLC) versions in the list of MP missions and also two modified versions are included in the list of SP missions.
    Note that in this case you are not able to use any respawn (in SP version), so it's recommended only to the hard-core players ... because "if you see the flash, it's already late"

    And what you may expect from the campaign?
    As we announced before, campaign contains more than 60 missions(!) and is released as one large pack (not divided into any packages ... everybody knows )
    The story and the background of a campaign reflects to some real events which were happened in the past.
    Note that we didn't want to follow the same background as was in old campaign for OFP (it's impossible of course), but we believe that we created another splendid piece.
    Player will go through the campaign with few different characters such is rifleman, paratrooper, pilot etc. and he will be faced to many decisions in various situations/missions.
    Then, according to these decisions, different advances through the mission (or through whole new missions) will follow.
    This means, that the campaign is not strictly linear - can be played for many times and as the situations in many missions are generated randomly, player has at least (put-your-number-here-according-your-skills) hours of playing time
    Campaign can be finished in three different endings which are more or less the same for each part of the story.
    This release of campaign is without any dubbing, but there is the plan to record it in the future.
    So, we are looking for any constructive feedback.

    I hope, I don't miss on something in these "few" words ...
    ... hope, you will enjoy the campaign with all the new stuff in CSLA Mod!

    EMSI from the CSLA Studio

    So, what's currently new, fixed and added?

    New vehicles:
    - OT-62 TOPAS (CSLA)
    - K-349 „Dnepr“ (Russia)
    - MiG-29AS Fulcrum (AFSR)
    - Mi-24V Hind (AFSR)

    New singleplayer campaign '89:
    - more than 60 missions
    - different advances and large variability in completion of tasks
    - various ending according to the decisions of player
    - three playable factions

    New singleplayer missions:
    - Bomberman (DLC ACR is required)
    - One shot, one kill (DLC ACR is required)
    - Operation Venkov
    - Operation Venkov ACR (DLC ACR is required)
    - Shooting star (DLC ACR is required)
    - Tit for tat

    New multiplayer missions:
    - Operation Venkov (COOP 10)
    - Operation Venkov (COOP 10) (DLC ACR is required)
    - Warfare for ported Sahrani

    - new PBO files for AFMC and FIA
    - new scripts in standalone PBO
    - new standalone object: Radiostation R-129
    - new standalone components for radiostation R-129 (antenna and batteries)
    - trowel now added also to AFMC units: they can dig a foxholes
    - added model for Sa-61 with silencer and released butt
    - added action for releasing of butt on Sa-61
    - fixed radius for rotation on DANA
    - various fixes in MP missions
    - various small fixes on models
    - fixes in strings and scripts
    - added "BIS_vapour" effects on all planes
    - replenish of empty positions in static weapons once the gunner died
    - added action for opening of cargo doors on Mi-24
    - BMP-1: allowed searchlight for commander
    - Svatava a DTP-90: disabled opening of upper hatches

    Download (1.3 GB)
    Armaholic (thx Foxhound) - (thx Miller) -

    Primary mirror:
    ModDB -

    Optional mirrors:
    Megaupload -!JNRjkaBA!ZxCjvQ...gttua7tWN7MN2c
    Google Drive - - -
    Alterfile -

    Campaign fix 2.26.1 (260 MB)
    Primary mirror:
    ModDB -
    Armaholic (thx Foxhound) -
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    He after over ten years I again download a mod called "CSLA" for a Bohemia game.

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    Downloading ASAP - now my weekend is complete!
    Any campaign/video makers in need of a good native russian/above average non-native english speaker with a good studio grade mic? Feel free to drop me a PM!

    BIS games addict(2005-current)
    Cold War stuff whore!

    Tour of duty:OFPR->ArmA->QG->ArmA2->OA->BAF->PMC->ArmAX->ArmA3 SE->ToH->ToH:HINDS->CC:Gaea Mission

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    Wow 60 mission campaign. Thanks guys I was waiting for some time to put my hands on it.
    Thanks for your hard work and effort.
    CSLA is great!!!!!
    Do you like music?

    Originally Posted by walker
    Took out myself and two other squad mates bouncing a grenade off a wall.

    Originally Posted by CarlGustaffa
    Bah, I've done that since OFP I can't hit a barn when I'm trying to. But with nades, I can hit a barn when I'm not trying to

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    Congrats on the release. I was waiting so long for this version with campaign. Awesome mod.
    Ps: i dont need Arma 3 now, when i have CSLA (with 60missions campaign+MP/SP missions) and Cwr2 with few campaigns and probably ~200 SP/MP missions on hdd.

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    Been looking forward to this, thanks for great work from you and your team

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    Awesome mod, well done. Can you tell me how to MoveInDriver for the Sub? It does not seem to work nor can I get a addaction for it only Commander and Gunner.

    Does the Sub dive? I can't see where you can select that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vengeance1 View Post
    Awesome mod, well done. Can you tell me how to MoveInDriver for the Sub? It does not seem to work nor can I get a addaction for it only Commander and Gunner.

    Does the Sub dive? I can't see where you can select that?
    As Arma 2 engine doesn't support submarine class, we disabled these features.
    You will be able to "ride" (and fire the rockets) the submarine only with default crew defined in config.
    The same situation is with the diving. For the purposes of campaign it's enough to have it as a boat and in some upcoming patch we will probably add there a feature fo diving (or we will move Dnepr to the A3 directly )

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