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Thread: Task Force Arrowhead Radio for ArmA-II CO

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    Task Force Arrowhead Radio for ArmA-II CO

    I'd like to announce the release of TFAR for ArmA-II: Combined Operations, version RC4.

    This is a port of Task Force Radio (ArmA-III) to ArmA-II: CO. It requires @CBA_CO addon.
    It runs on TeamSpeak 3.0.16 and older (till 3.0.11). It requires beta patch no less than 1.62.103718 to work properly, otherwise you sometimes won't hear players in vehicles and encounter other errors.
    Currently it requires plugin version no less than 0.9.7 to work. Plugins are 100% compatible with ArmA3 plugins.

    Having @ACE addon is very preferable, otherwise you will encounter different errors. You can play without it, though, but make sure to delete task_force_ace_radios.pbo and .bisign then.

    If you already had @TFAR_CO installed (if not, skip first two steps):
    1) Delete the old addon folder (or the content of @TFAR_CO\addons and @TFAR_CO\keys folders).
    2) Remove old keys (TFA2_cfolks_rc4.bikey and TFA2_rc.bikey, and probably some sixupdater key too) from your arma 2 operation arrowhead\Keys folder.

    Common steps:
    1) Unpack the archive in game folder. There should be a @TFAR_CO folder now.
    2) Go to @TFAR_CO, copy "Keys" and "userconfig" folders to the game folder.
    3) Copy the TeamSpeak 3\plugins folder to your TeamSpeak 3 core folder. If you already have an actual version of TF Radio for ArmA-III installed, you can skip this step and the one following it, as the plugins are totally compatible.
    4) If you have TS3 older than 3.0.14 (for example, 3.0.11), replace the plugins (task_force_radio_win32.dll and task_force_radio_win64.dll) with the plugins in "plugins for old TeamSpeak" folder after you complete the previous step.
    5) If you wish, change plugin sounds by copying the contents of "old" or "new" folder to the main one.
    6) Add @TFAR_CO to the launcher (or in enabled mods, if you run ArmA2 via Steam). Preferably, it should be in the very end of the mod queue.
    7) Open "arma 2 operation arrowhead\userconfig\task_force_radio\radio_keys.h pp", make changes according to your preferences and using the provided keyboard layout.

    The download link can be found here:

    Some images:

    The documentation and pictures with explanation are included in the mod folder.

    ArmaHolic Link (old version, with more pictures):

    Test mission including all available radios and some vehicle radios too (10 slots, 3 sides):

    The original add-on and also the general idea of what it is:
    Original site and documentation
    Documentation on github
    Task Force Arrowhead Radio (forum thread)

    A2 version also includes new radios:

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    Thank you.


    BTW, forgot to mention one more change, it's that the sound gets very low when you get heavily wounded in ACE, so unconscious players in ACE will hear others in low volume and their direct speech would be barely audible (players cannot use radio while lying half-unconscious). This is a test feature and, maybe, would be changed after some testing on loaded server. I'd like to hear the users' opinions about this too.

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    Thanks a lot! What a pleasant surprise

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    Manual of the Module?

    I found it!
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    Just to report that LR radios are still graphically broken with the latest version of the mod.

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    I'll probably add the WWII ruck models (as different radios) which Avgvstvs provided in the next release, but i still need the modern models made for ArmA-2...
    Modelling is not my thing at all, so it's impossible i would be able to make them in visible future.

    By the way, the current changelog after RC2 is:
    - Fixed an error with fn_getFactions.sqf, which popped up on mission start if certain ArmA-2 modules were included.
    - Fixed coop_channel. Now it works properly, and you can also write down the channel name and password in init.sqf to move different sides or even certain players (slots) in different TeamSpeak channels.
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    Thanks for ur work, really appreciated
    my system:

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    Can you make ACE and non-ACE version pls?

    Thanks for this port

    Originally Posted by Maruk
    ....There are already many games that are simply Steam only but Bohemia Interactive so far tried to stay service agnostic as we did not like concept of enforcing our users in any direction....

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    Can i prevent the backpack radio from spawning on players back at mission start?

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