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Thread: Formula to convert "wind"-values into degree (0-359) ?

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    Formula to convert "wind"-values into degree (0-359) ?

    Since I'm not an expert in maths, does anyone know a/the formula to convert the wind-values into a number (0-359 degree)?

    Further, is there a possibility to return the wind force in knots and km/h ?


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    This should get you the direction in degrees:

    (wind select 0) atan2 (wind select 1)
    Note that wind does have a vertical direction, but I think that is safe to ignore. As for the wind strength:

    sqrt((wind select 0)^2 + (wind select 1)^2)
    This will give you the correct value, but I'm not sure what unit the wind command returns. Meters per second perhaps?

    EDIT: Looks like the atan2 command doesn't return values in the 0...359 range, but rather -180...+180. Easy enough to convert though.
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    Thanks for the formulas. Is there a dev or anyone else who certainly knows the speed the wind command returns?

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    Further, is there a possibility to return the wind force in knots and km/h ?
    The wind vector is meters per second if I'm not mistaken. You can convert numbers (note: not vectors) to different units using BIS_fnc_convertUnits. Check the in-game function viewer in the editor on how to use it. This is a scripted function, so performance is slower than true script command.

    PHP Code:
    [3229call BIS_fnc_convertUnits//Convert 32 mps to kts 
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