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Thread: Bland FLIR after a few seconds ingame

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    Bland FLIR after a few seconds ingame


    After few seconds ingame the FLIR gets washed out and it becomes very hard to distinguish anything apart from vehicles with running engines or people on the ground.
    I played around with my video settings - PiP detail, Texture detail, viewdistance, AF, ground detail and so forth, I even changed video memory from default to very high, to high, to normal, to low, to default again and tried older video drivers - nothing (I'm now on Catalyst 12.3). PC specs are in my sig.
    This is how it should look like (moments after loading the game):

    And this is how it looks after 1 or 2 seconds:

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    That's due of auto-contrast, same thing is in OA > https://dev-heaven.net/issues/23837

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    thanks - voted!

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