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Thread: Hind Training

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    Hind Training


    Here an other one :

    Hind Training
    Coop 1 - 8 player - Map South Asia
    Time and weather parameter ( MP only )

    Try various Hind and other helicopter, and go to the different search and destroy objective

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    Awesome thanks will try out now. Was looking fro some hind content!

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    Thank You!
    webmaster of YoYosims

    ToH corner:
    Vista 64 bits, i7 930 3.76 Ghz (OC), Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R ( Intel X58 ), 8Gb Patriot Viper II Sector5, Asus HD 7970 3Gb DDR5, res.1920x1080 27'', Creative X-Fi Extreme Music + 5.1, TrackIR 5, TH Warthog, Throtlle Quadrant CH Products, CH Pedals USB, Go Flight GF-P8, Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel, Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel, Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel, Saitek Instrumantals Panels, iPad2 for maps [FSX, DCS Ka50, A-10C, TKOH:Hinds, RoF]

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    Looks like the mission has an error.
    Did You use ArmA objects too?

    I have clean TOH+Hinds 1.05 and noticed:
    - no this marker (error)
    - no this T72_ins version (error)
    + I have only the night, switch the hour beteween 9-23 and always is dark.

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    i have the same version 1.05 + hinds + add-on jedra.
    i've noticed too there is problem with insurgent group in the editor :
    impossible to create an opfor insurgent group tank and insurgent infantry group, the editor do it ( no message ) but there is an empty unit (?).
    at home, i've a message with error init.sqf, but the mission run.
    For the dark, may be the weather is not correct, it is an arma2 script import, and may be doesn't work correctly, but the daytime is coorect.
    I'am going to check this.
    thks for the report

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    ok, you could find an updated version with correction on the link primary post:
    - another mp parameter for the weather
    - corrected T72INS

    found nothing about marker ?

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    Cool! Just purchased Hinds, now i can train the beast........thx!

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