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Thread: How to add flare magazine to helicopter?

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    Would it be possible to add the operation arrowhead flares (e.g. the ones in ACE on the various choppers) to a ToH helicopter? The merged games makes for some awesome screwing around with helicopters and military hardware sessions, but any ToH chopper is very vulnerable to stinger missiles!!

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    In principal there is no reason why you couldn't do this - as long as you have the classname it should be similar to the way I described in post #2 should it not?
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    I thought it must but I am still failing. I've had a search online and dug up some class names etc but no joy. Sorry to keep using you as the all wise master of scripts but any idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm using

    helo1 addMagazineTurret ["120Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",[-1]]; helo1 addweapon "CMFlareLauncher";

    also tried

    helo1 addMagazineTurret ["120Rnd_CMFlareMagazine",[-1]]

    in the init line for helo1.

    I fear there may be more stuff that needs to be added. Like the radar and radar warning which I presume is hidden in the vehicle cfg. either way I get no change to the ToH heavy chopper that I am testing on


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    I don't think this is possible with script if the helicopter doesn't have that weapon defined in the config. What we need is for them to implement addWeaponTurret command.

    If you want a heavy with a flare, you are going to have to dig into the config and write a replacement.

    Here's what you can do with some config changes...

    I have written a small replacement config that you might find useful - it basically adds flares to all Heavy choppers in ToH (the Hinds addon is required). You can download it here. Let me know if it needs tweaking.
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    Is there any way to add the flares to the pilots seat to launch with the R button? Basically try to load flares to addons that seem to have bugs there.

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