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Thread: How to add flare magazine to helicopter?

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    How to add flare magazine to helicopter?

    How can you add (more) flares ("60Rnd_CMFlareMagazine_H_DLC1") to the Hind?

    I've tried many combinations with addmagazine and addmagazineturret.

    To be honest, I've never understood the thing with the turrets [0,1] etc...

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    Hello mate,

    You need to add the flares to the pilot's turret. So, assuming your helicopter is called helo1...

    helo1 addMagazineTurret ["60Rnd_CMFlareMagazine_H_DLC1",[-1]]
    The pilot's turret is always '-1'.

    Hope this helps?
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    Thanks... this surely is a matter for headbonkonthedesk.

    Though being off-topic concerning this thread's title, I have another question: how do you moveIn'Copilot' a unit into a helicopter, such as the Little Bird?

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    Slightly more convoluted this one;

    this moveInTurret [helo1,[0]];
    In the init line of of the person you want to be co-pilot. Again, helo1 is the light helicopter you are dealing with.
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    I have similar question. Is it possible to add some kind of grenade launcher to helicopter? I want to create scenario where light heli goes to recon mission, finds some targets, then marks them using some smoke/flare shooting weapon. Then calls his big brother (Hind) to destroy those targets. Is it possible?

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    Hi BeePee,

    Probably the easiest way is to add an action using addaction to the helo which executes the following;

    smoke1 = "SmokeShellred" createVehicle (position (vehicle player));
    This will create a smokeshell (a red one in this case) at the players position which will fall to the ground.

    A very simple addaction in the initline of the player/helo...

     pldropsmoke = this addAction ["Drop Smoke", "dropsmoke.sqf"];
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    Tnx Jedra but that's not exactly what I want. With your script it wouldn't be possible to aim the smokeshell. I want to be able to fire it like a rocket. I've managed to add M16A2GL to helicopter and can fire its primary ammo - 20Rnd_556x45_Stanag (yes! it's possible!) but I can't switch to M203... Anyone knows how to do this?

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    What about an M32 grenade launcher and some M203 smoke or flare grenades. Not sure they are in ToH but they are definitely in Arma.

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    I think that would do the trick! Unfortunatelly M32 is available in Operation Arrowhead only and I don't have it :/

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    Without some config work I don't think you are going to achieve it.

    What you could do instead is go back to my idea, but give the smoke shell some velocity (same as the helo) and a direction (same as the helo). This way it will 'fire' the smoke shell in a fashion that is 'aimed'.

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