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Thread: New BI tools

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    New BI tools

    Hi guys!
    I searched the forum to find a solution but no one worked.
    I installed the new BI tools, opened Visitor 3, loaded my project and every time i tryed to load an OA object i got an error about the p3d.
    I also tryed to change the buldozer.exe with the OA exe and didn't work...
    I need help!
    =BTC= Col.Giallustio
    Italian Tactical clan

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    Latest tools are v 2.5.1... HERE'S the link to those...

    There should be no need to use the OA.exe as buldozer... all advice you may read about doing that is out of date nowadays... These tools should work 100% straight "out of the box"...

    I've added you to the Skype Mapmakers Channel as requested... see you on there!


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    Thank you very much m8
    So seems that the link on the wiki it's outdated...I'll try to re-download and re-install.

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