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Thread: An Autorun script is in the works.

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    An Autorun script is in the works.

    I've made an autorun script; So a player need not hold key down or put paperclip to hold key down.
    It will make your unit run 100m if healthy - crawl a 100m if wounded.
    It is an addaction driven script.

    Script exits if:

    Unit completes 100m movement.
    Unit takes damage along the way.
    Player issues the stop/break addaction to halt movement.
    The player dies.

    Right now tested and works for: Single player mode and campaign.
    Working on MP compatability.

    Once done I will submit the file and demo.

    Complete with remarks in script to explain how to use; explanation of the concept and how to further extend distance, etc....
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    OK update just tested with WH40K mod associate newnoob - and Good news it works in MP - had a few small issues to fix - nothing that can't be fixed.

    So both players were able to autorun or autocrawl.

    So in a few days time the script and demo will be available for all.

    Need a few days to try and work in some more time to do mp testing - at work so cannot do further testing.

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    Funny, because I habe autoron since OFP without any script. Does your's have collision avoidance? Because collision and gettig hung when you get back is my biggest problem with autorun.

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    Perhaps we have a misunderstanding?

    Collision avoidance? My Auto-run script is just for Infantry. The idea behind my script is to move a unit on foot/running 100 meters with one click of the mouse.

    Well my script plays animations - so it's all on foot - there is no hang - and no collision - problems with infantry. Are you referring to "auto-hover"?

    on a side note: I reworked the script - hammered out the small issues and just need to retest again later.
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    No im referrign to autorun on know...I activate it and it rusn endlessly until I return to pc...but most of the time it get's stuck on some map objects...
    I don't use a script in game just a key repearter programmed into keyboard.

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    Ahhh - k - gotcha - have a simple keyboard and don't use keyboard repeating software- so I don't do that option. The animation will run you through an object <I think, can't remember> so you're not gonna get stuck. But I currently set the distance to run @ 100m. But in the script I give each editor the instructions on how to increase distance if they feel they need more running room.
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    Still at work - haven't mp tested. But I will post up scripts - if peeps want to MP test for me - that would be good.

    ok the first script: "Arun_Acrawl.sqs"

    ;Script by WW2Weasel < 03-21-2012 > for WH40K Mod -
    ;No permission is needed to modify this script.
    ;Have fun gaming - and why not visit us at the Wh40k mod and say hi!:
    ;This script written to address an ofp fan's complaint regarding tedious long range running of unit.
    ;I had'nt thought of doing this before until I read the fan's request. I thought this was an absolutely important feature to have in operation flashpoint and it garnered immediate acion from me.
    ;The Scope of this script is to play animations to auto run or crawl if injured 100 meters. This script is meant for players not the AI.
    ;I thought long and hard about giving it more functionality. I decided to leave as is; but allow others to modify to suit their own tastes.
    ;Result of this Script: The player's unit begins running then you can steer him around much like you would a vehicle in opflash.
    ;Place in players init line of unit: Autorun = this addAction ["Auto-run - "+format ["%1",name this], "Arun_Acrawl.sqs"]
    ;How to modify distance to be more than 100 meters? Simple....
    ;- for running - it takes 35 iterations of the playmove command to run 100 meters. So to run Approx. 500 Meters (35 * 5 = 175) || ?canstand _unit: _i=175,goto "autorun"
    ;- for crawling - it takes 138 iterations of the playmove command to crawl 100 meters. So to crawl Approx. 500 Meters (138 * 5 = 690) || ?!canstand _unit: _i=690,goto "autorun"
    ;Also very important to include: Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs in your mission folder as well - As this is the Addaction break mechanism used to stop the Auto running/crawling.
    ;Also if you take dammage - if not immediately killed the script will stop.
    ;I have not tested yet in MP. But it should still work. It's meant for local players - and broadcasts the players positions via publicVariable.
    ;One possible problem in busy games is the animation may become choppy and distance traveled could be less than 100m.
    ;*** A Caveat - you may need to test delay in time with your pc and model/animation - time delay definitely needs fine tuning per individual's situation.
    ;Time delay is important for 2 reasons: 1) It allows for smooth running of animation and 2) Allows the Autorun break addaction to stop immediately upon activation.
    ;To not have a time delay - renders autorun breaking useless.
    ;On my pc default west soldier is ~.5 delay.
    ;*** Default for Standard Imperial Guard unit is ~.6 a larger unit like Ogryn is ~.8. If time is not set properly - jitter or pause may result.
    ;You may need to change the animations if you are using custom animations - below are the ARMA Cold War Crisis defaults.
    ;Default Bis run animation: _unit playMove "CombatRunF";
    ;Default Bis crawl animation: _unit playMove "LyingFastCrawlF"
    ;Autorunbreak = _unit addAction ["Auto-stop - "+format ["%1",name _unit], "Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs"]
    ;This runs other script that has a returned value to switch on/off script manually if player chooses via the addaction.

    ?!local player && !local (_this select 0): exit
    _unit=_this select 0
    _blplyr = "bplyr" + format["%1",_unit]
    ?!alive _unit || _pbreak:_pbreak=false,_unit removeAction Autorunbreak,_lockplyr=false,exit
    Autorunbreak = _unit addAction ["Auto-stop - "+format ["%1",name _unit], "Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs"]
    _health=getdammage _unit
    ?canstand _unit: _i=35,_arc="CombatRunF",goto "autorun"
    ?!canstand _unit: _i=138,_arc="LyingFastCrawlF",goto "autorun"

    ?!alive _unit || _pbreak:_pbreak=false,bplyr="",publicVariable "bplyr",_unit removeAction Autorunbreak,_lockplyr=false,exit
    ?getdammage _unit > _health:exit
    _unit playMove _arc?_i==0:_unit removeAction Autorunbreak,_lockplyr=false,exit
    posplyr=getpos _unit
    PublicVariable "posplyr"
    goto "autorun"


    ---------- Post added at 00:50 ---------- Previous post was at 00:48 ----------

    ok the second script: "Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs"

    ;Script by WW2Weasel for WH40K Mod
    ;This script written to address ofp fan's complaint regarding tedious long range running of unit.
    ;This portion of the Autorun scripts is to handle controlled exit from script by player.
    ;Autorunbreak = _unit addAction ["Auto-stop - "+format ["%1",name _unit], "Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs"] - run from inside Arun_Acrawl.sqs

    ?!local player && !local (_this select 0): exit
    _unit =_this select 0
    bply = "bplyr" + format["%1",_unit]
    bplyr = bply
    publicvariable "bplyr"
    _unit removeAction Autorunbreak
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