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Thread: How to get heli closer in 3d person view, looking in a cocpit left/right

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    How to get heli closer in 3d person view, looking in a cocpit left/right

    Hello , i would like to ask you how to get the heli closer to me in 3rd person, i can get it zoomed but only at max,no how i want to, hope you understand want i want. Anothee question , i have extreme 3d pro joystick from logitech, and have binded viewing in cockpit to pov button, i can great look up and down , but on the left and right side it is going all the way left or right, not "analog". Looking through the settings trying adjust it without luck. Hope you can help me, Thanks
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    You can change your Field Of View (FOV) by editing config files. Check this link -> Sorry I can't help you with second one cause I use FreeTrack.

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