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Thread: Community in Command: Questions Round 4!

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    Community in Command: Questions Round 4!

    We’ve entered Round 4 to answer some of your questions on modding and editing!

    1. Will the game support options for modding? (MadDogX & Resistance-Rat)

    2. Are there any plans to include a mission/map editor? (jibemorel & Resistance-Rat)

    3. Will it be possible to crossover data from Arma or Take On Helicopters to Carrier Command? (zGuba)

    4. If there will be any future add-ons, will it include more islands and terrains? (BFCrusader)

    5. Will there be a public Beta? (RemyLion)

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know via Facebook, Twitter, the special Community in Command forum thread, or in the comments on our website!
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    "No comment – but your question might be answered next week ;-)"

    I like that one

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    sounds good

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    Seems we are geting close...excellent!

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    I think those that are picked for the BETA should be chosen in order of time waiting for the release to come out...

    ...I played this game on a rubber keyboarded ZX Spectrum 48k in the 1980's

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    *clapping with regular intervals*

    Beta - beta - beta !

    *clapping with regular intervals*
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    The beta is already pre-ordered!

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