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Thread: Help with uninstalling old ATI drivers theres a catch!

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    Help with uninstalling old ATI drivers theres a catch!

    I really have no clue how to go about doing this.

    I have had an Nvidia card for quite some time now and I still have ATI stuff on my PC.

    like when I right click on my desktop it will show both ATI catalyst control center and Nvidia control panel.

    I have OCD so I would really like this crap gone since I don't plan on switching back to AMD anytime soon.

    Normally you would just go into programs and features and uninstall it there.

    I tried to uninstall the ATI install manager and do the express uninstall which removes everything related to ATI from your system BUT, I think in the past I accidentally deleted some files from ATI causing the uninstall to produce an error.

    something like you're missing :c/programfiles/ATI/CIM/bin64/installmanagerapp.exe (most likely what i deleted in the past stupid me).

    I need help on how i can uninstall this driver stuff.

    Are there any tools that can use to get rid of it anyways?

    Ugh this kinda of stuff makes me bash my head into cement....
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    You'll need 2 tools:

    Driver Sweeper 3.2.0 (Do NOT get earlier version as it has been known to hurt OS!) found here:

    Atiman Uninstaller 6.1.3: Just Google it as I can only find links to file sharing sites and can't vouch for links.

    -Make sure current driver is uninstalled

    -Boot to Safe mode and run Driver Sweeper or similar program

    -Boot to Normal and run Atiman

    -Install new driver package and should be good to go
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    Now I'm a complete moron when it comes to this sort of thing.

    Should I do this?
    What are the benefits?
    What are the drawbacks of not doing this?

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    hmm does seem like a headache.

    Im also very paranoid when it comes to my PC.

    This is great....

    Thanks for the help though Froggyluv

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfire257 View Post
    Now I'm a complete moron when it comes to this sort of thing.

    Should I do this?
    What are the benefits?
    What are the drawbacks of not doing this?
    Sorry I meant to reply to this earlier then plum forgot. Honestly and I hate to sound like Nvidia fanboi here but I found it a necessity on all ATI driver upgrades/reverts or shit would just go bad either right away or creep in. I rarely ever did this with Nvidia cards as they just seem to do a far better job installing and more importantly -uninstalling properly. Its always considered good PC hygene tho.

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    Over and above Driver Sweeper I sometimes use CrapCleaner to clear the Registry, with the Registry Tool, this will clear anything left over.
    You can select which files to clean up, in this case ATI video legacy stuff.

    On a daily basis I use CC to clear up my cookies/temp files. It does keep the HD nice and clean and once you have worked out which cookies to keep there is no problem in letting the program "sweep" at start up.
    The BIS log in cookie has been saved as are other password/log in cookies for trusted and frequently visited forums.

    I have been using CC for quite a few years...Recomended.

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