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    ArmA 2 Server Question


    Hi, I am trying to run a Windows ArmA 2 Dedicated Server and my Operating System is corrupted and I was trying to see what system files does it use to run it properly without crashes? I have a problem with it after a while when the server has maybe 10 or 20 players in after maybe half an hour - 1 hour the server crashes. I tried to check the .mdmp but I don't know what I need to check it with and what to do to check it out(I'm a newbie). If you can tell me what to do to troubleshoot or what system files are required so I can try to repair those files by the O/S CD to avoid re installing the whole operating system. Thanks if you can help me out I'll be deeply appreciated for your assistance.

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    If your operating system is corrupt, it's a good idea to reinstall it.

    My inbox is fill and won't be emptied. If your PM is regarding requests to use my work, unfortunately I choose not to grant such permission. My work is for use with CWR2 only.

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