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Thread: Run script when button is pressed in OFP

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    Run script when button is pressed in OFP

    hi all. I searched for this script, but nothing found. Of course, I found it only for arma. in OFP it doesn't works. But I have seen in one mission, that if you press keyboard button - 9, script will start. How I can do this? please help me... Here is this script. I dont know how it works:

    _O = call loadfile ":input agetkey 9"
    _u = call loadfile ":input agetkey 8"
    _y = call loadfile ":input agetkey 7"
    ?_o==1:[] exec "save\save.sqs"
    ?_u==1:[] exec "player\Pers.sqs"
    ?_y==1:[] exec "player\Mission.sqs"
    goto "start"

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    Not sure what you are trying to do, but would using a radio trigger work for this?

    The keys would be 0-0-1 or whatever radio "channel" you set it to.

    Make a trigger, set activation: Radio Alpha(or any of the radio channels).
    condition: this
    In the on activation: [] exec "whatever.sqs".
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    I think you just can't get information which key have been pressed in OFP, but there is little modification which allows that, it's FWatch by Kegetys & patched by Faguss.

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    hm... ok I try, thanks... but... I needed it for MP, so it is also pointless... but thanks

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