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Thread: RscMissionDisplay and REVERT

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    RscMissionDisplay and REVERT

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with the mod I released to display weapons and ammo...

    I used the onload of the RscDisplayMission as a hook into my script which works very well. Unfortunately if the user reverts to a previous save or reverts to mission start, my script is killed but the onload trigger of RscDisplayMission is not fired. It seems that RscDisplayMission does not get unloaded when the mission is reverted to any point.

    This is my class definition for RscDisplayMission;

    PHP Code:
    class RscDisplayMission RscDisplayEmpty {
    onLoad "_jedh = [] execVM '\x\jed_weapStatGUI\addons\jed_weapCheckGUI\init.sqf'; uiNamespace setVariable ['JED_RscDisplayMission',_this select 0]; ";
    onUnload "diag_log 'display unloaded';"//Checking if it ever gets unloaded
    class controlsBackground {
    idc 1000;
    text ""//--- ToDo: Localize;
    0.879439 safezoneW safezoneX;
    0.0181822 safezoneH safezoneY;
    0.11628 safezoneW;
    0.035255 safezoneH;
    idc 1001;
    0.475781 safezoneW safezoneX;
    0.628143 safezoneH safezoneY;
    0.0391679 safezoneW;
    0.0470066 safezoneH;
    I have tried to use CBA instead, but again the general Init handlers do not fire when a mission is reverted within a mission. I can get it to work with 'getin' and 'getout' handlers, but unfortunately this doesn't help if the play starts in a vehicle.

    Anyway, my question is;

    Is there an event (either display or CBA) that I can utilise so I can re-initialise my script when a user reverts?
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    Ok, never mind now, I discovered a better way of doing this using RscTitles instead! The key was to re-display the layer using cutRsc in my main loop. Should anyone want any further info then please feel free to PM me or post here.

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    InitEH of XEH (AFAIK)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PvPscene View Post
    InitEH of XEH (AFAIK)
    Cool - useful to know for the future. As it happens I didn't need to get CBA to re-initialise.

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    I'm sorry if i sounded like i wanted you to include it, i was just curious about the technical aspect which is now answered. I'm no programmer so the only thing i can actually do is asking stupid questions.

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