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Thread: co10@ =RTY= They Who Dare = 1944

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    co10@ =RTY= They Who Dare = 1944


    Mission author
    shark attack

    mission type
    CO-OP (teamwork - voice comms recomended)
    Max no of players 10
    Norrins revive (Limited revives or can be disabled)

    mission requirements
    Invasion 1944 D Day

    Community Base Addons

    Mission directive

    Airborne Commandos are to assault the heavily fortified, enemy held town of Che-du-pont.
    The primary objective of the assault is to blow up the Bridge which is vital to the Nazi's supply chain.
    Secondary Objectives are to destroy the AK AK and Artillery guns within the town and to Blow up a
    Road tunnel to halt any pursuit by axis forces. Local resistance fighters will assist you in your escape.

    Download page-Armaholic

    Can also be played in single player mode, however the AI can become troublesome after revive / respawn and will need reminding to stand up in order to rejoin the fight.

    As always any feedback or suggestions would be great !

    Mission update
    Changelog [v 1.2]

    *Mission starts at first light.
    *Removed flare scripts
    *Removed spotlight scripts.
    *New scripts for spawning enemy.
    *Weapons can now be found at RV points.
    *Removed loadout options fron description.ext.
    *Added silenced weapons and more AT.
    *Added more lives in revive options
    *tweaked various scripts.
    *Reduced enemy numbers
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