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Thread: [TED] Kevin Slavin explains how AI have already begun taking over the world.

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    [TED] Kevin Slavin explains how AI have already begun taking over the world.

    Hi all

    Kevin Slavin on: How algorithms shape our world:

    I won't comment as it would spoil your enjoyment of the video.

    The Singularity is near now.

    Kind Regards walker

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    I don't know about that. Blowing up half a mountain to lay down a fibre optic cable seems a little rash, to say the least.
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    Hi Dead3yez

    The thing is these algorithms are obviously richer than Bill Gates. And when you have that much money involved keeping you happy, and for these algorithms milliseconds faster keeps you happy, is key, so if mountains need to be blown up, then blown up they will be. That they are hollowing out New York apartment and office blocks to make them happier shows just how powerful they have become.

    I know the same thing is the real power on the London Stock Exchange. Have a look at Telehouse. Pretty soon the companies will realise the Stockbrokers are an irrelevant oddity, and they will be downsized out of existense; or they will go under, and the companies that do not waste money on wages and bonuses for useless bagage will be the most successfull. One day soon there will be a company that comes along with nothing more than a fictional board in some offshore company and it will rule the markets. It is as inevitable as Evolution.

    Whether you see William Gibson, or Richard Morgan, or Peter F. Hamilton, or Iain M. Banks, etc. in this; it truly is the stuff science fiction novels are made of, made real.

    The Singularity is near now.

    Kind Regards walker
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    Very interesting talk. The future will be... interesting....
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    I for one welcome our new robotic vacuum cleaner overlords.

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    Now I have to spend all day computing Pi because Walker plugged in the overlord.

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    Interesting video, although trying to suggest its "in a way nature" is not true, the fact you smash nature up to build it is proof on its own.

    A lot of these transhumanism futurist think tanks, societies and collectives are just adverts and sellers of your future enslavement, the people standing and applauding was odd for me, the first in the line to become a slave, its a shame really. People are being pushed to technology to the point they will think themselves as lesser and worthless, not so nature(al) to me.

    You have shares and investments in this then Walker? You seem to be batting well for the team with your threads & posts on the subject, take the chip my friend .. you will love it .

    On a trivial note, I couldn't help but want that speaker to drink some water .... he has such a dry mouth, it was getting in the way of his matra

    EDIT: seems Kevin was batting for this team :

    You have to sell it I suppose, will keep him in a nice house while they share all data monitoring social networking and other sites they branch out too as the contracts roll in. Meanwhile we all struggle to keep things afloat in the real world of economics while surrendering to these tech heads who want to trash nature to up their algorithm stats that are all about tracking and monitoring you while your loving sci fi and cool gadgets.

    But then again, it might all be great.
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    Hi all

    In reply to mrcash2009.

    As I said as inevitable as evolution.

    Here in the UK there is not a foot of land that has not had an industrial past, places you think of as untouched beautiful natural places were quaries and mines, go look at the the yorkshire dales.

    And life has been teraforming the planet for millenia, what do you think Limestone is? The sandy beaches you walk on are the glass created by millenia of coral.

    On the whole the trench was a small industrial project. Most coal mines produce far more dammage and even the quaries near me dwarf that; if you compare it to say the canadian shale oil dammage and it is not even a drop in that ocean.

    So while it is a great example of the power of the Algorithm, I do not rate it as a man/industrial made disaster.

    Kind Regards walker
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