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Thread: [COOP] [EVO] Convoy Attack

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    [COOP] [EVO] Convoy Attack

    [EVO] Convoy Attack

    This mission was originally made by me as a training mission for me and my clanmate so we could get used to carrying out attacks at any time of day with rockets/miniguns. Hence this mission is built for 12 players!

    The Infantry Version can support many more players and has an infantry objective to attack.

    In the non-Hinds version:

    You start with 8 helicopters, 4 Armed Light's and 4 armed medium helicopters.

    In the Hinds version:

    You start with Hinds at the base and the convoy that you have to attack is larger in order to try and keep it as challenging.

    Your objective?

    Destroy the enemy convoy before it reachs the airfield, in order to cut off supplies to the enemy.

    This mission comes with a time of day parameter so you are able to fight either during the day or night for more interesting gameplay.

    In the infantry version you have to also attack the enemy depot.

    Download link

    Here is the link for the updated mission PBO download for the non-hind's version:


    Updated Hinds Version:


    Vanilla TOH + A2 Free version (with infatry assault):


    Here is the link for the old Hind's version (thanks Jedra!):


    Future Plans

    I plan on making the mission a bit more interesting by placing more vehicles into the convoy and possibly adding other convoys that will head towards the airfield that you have to stop.

    Potential remaking the mission so it spawns differing numbers of vehicles given different numbers of players.


    I would like to thank [EVO] Crash for his inspiration and input into making this mission.

    I would also like to thank Celery for his awesome remove dead bodies script.

    I would also like to thank Tophe of Östgöta Ops for his vehicle respawn script.

    I would like to thank Jedra for making a Hind version of this.

    I would like to thank Osmo for making the helicopter service script.

    And would also like to thank BIS for making TOH.


    Version 0.5:

    -Added an infantry objective + infantry.
    -This version does not have Hinds, but is designed for Vanilla TOH and A2 Free

    Version 0.4:

    -Made it Hinds compatible

    Version 0.3:

    -Added Osmo's helicopter service script (its awesome).
    -Added 2 more Huey's and 2 more Littlebirds.
    -Added a few more enemy vehicles.
    -Changed the movement of the convoy.

    Version 0.2:

    - Fixed time of day so it is correct and not 12 hours off the set time.
    - Added Repair, refuel and rearm trucks at the base.
    - Added Base marker just in case you forget where it was.
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