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Thread: OFP/ARMA-CWA (where are the SAVEGAMES?)

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    Question OFP/ARMA-CWA (where are the SAVEGAMES?)

    Hi folks
    I'm a returning long standing fan of OFP (now ARMA_ColdWar Assault) and after 15months of saving I now own a PC that can run ARMA1 and 2
    I thought the best way to return to my all-time favourite game would be to get the ARMA X box-set (retail) and start at the very start, playing OFP thru again with a bunch of my rave fave MODS/ADDONS etc (and I been having a hell of a time getting some of them working,but that's a different story)
    Now way back in OFP days the SAVEGAMES used to live in the USERS folder in main Directory (below WORLDS) but in ARMA-CWA (I'm having a hard time callin it that; like some wierd 1984 revisionism) the USERS folder no longer exists.
    neither is it seemingly with the other ARMA 1 +2 SAVEGAMES which I find in DOCUMENTS etc (??)
    I've already played thru a dozen-odd missions in COLD WAR CRISIS so it's getting saved Somewhere

    I've been reading,googling around for a coupla hrs now and no joy so I'm giving in, does anyone in the community know where these files are stored?

    Any help/advice would be gratefully received

    Thanks for taking the time chaps

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    Look in your your windows user folder maybe its there?

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    While being in the main CWA folder, you should see a "compatibility files" menu appear. Click on it and you'll find your user folder again (Win 7).

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    Thanks for the prompt reply guys ( I wonder why they bothered to change it?)
    to PROF- I have WIN7 and when I go to "c:/program files (x86)/Bohemia/ARMA Cold War Assault" etc I cannot find anything about compatability (either popping up or otherwise) and believe me I've looked all over....

    to STGN- I checked out loads of windows files (I've been all over my comp lookin') but no dice- where exactly is this WINDOWS/USERS file located? just so I can make sure I've checked

    it is true that code-ninja I am NOT, and there's loads I don't understand in PC land ( I'm OLD-school GeekChic : Bookworm) and like I say I've been away from computers so I'm a bit rusty at the stuff I DO know lol but the more I play OFP again the more desire I have to learn a bit more about MOD-ing - (I'd love to have a go at freshening up the ooold BIS OFP:CWC islands) - and playing it thru again I'm really remembering WHY I loved OFP so much when I first found it-WHAT A GREAT GAME!!
    I'm sure there's life in the old girl yet- a lick of paint, a bit of new plumbing....

    Well, thanks for the replies but no luck as yet... any other suggestions?...

    Niceone chaps -ZTK

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    You find it in "documents and settings" folder.
    To tjeck the ProfTournesol suggestion, open the CWA folder and look in functions(not sure about the name in English windows) go to folder options and in "view" find the option which says to show hidden files.

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    Huzzah ! ! !

    AHA!!!! VICTORY !!!!!!

    NICEONE STGN!!! (I been lookin for them buggers for Hours!!)

    I've only had WIN7 for a few weeks (and I wasn't that hot with XP lol), yeah the english WIN7 it's "organize", to be honest I was considering uninstalling ARMA:CWA and dusting off my ancient copies of OFP:CWC/R instead (what with all the MOD bother too) but I guess I might come up against problems in multiplayer etc ( I now have good PC and broadband for first time ever so I can AT LAST play OFP online...oh frabjous day!!!!

    Cheers fella, you (both) really helped me out there...Big thanks guys -ZTK

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