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Thread: Carraigdubh, County Leitrim. - A 5x5km Geotypical Irish Terrain

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    O.M.G. it beautiful. Great job Bush.

    (..... I can see another community member being hired by BI or BIS contractor lol !)

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    really liking the map if you plan on making it bigger in the future i have two suggestions

    1: A border line on the map (if thats possible)
    2: a GAA pitch/club house
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    Thats a lovely map - thank you! Do you plan to extend it a bit or already working on a new bigger map that is more suited for helicopter & vehicle battles eg something like (grassy) steppe or tundra map/island?

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    Sweet island! Thank you, bushlurker!

    I got error messages with startparameter -showScriptErrors in the island Intro...


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    Lovely little terrain you got there!

    Did some location scouting in a little bird and found some of the smaller hills to be very landing unfriendly. It appeared as though the skids would sink into the edge of hilltops, immediately damaging the chopper.
    Here´s two places where it happened, i guess it´s the same for most of the other small hills aswell.

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    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for all the kind comments!

    Firstly, apologies all round for... eeeh.... just how many things did I screw up?
    Dodgy picture, dodgy link, dodgy mission, essential info missing from release post.....
    My excuse is that I vastly underestimated "finishing off time" and of course ended up being awake for about 30 hours+ getting things together in time for St Paddy... by the time it came to writing the release thread I was functioning almost entirely on autopilot - never a good idea!

    Oh well... on with the show!

    Roadside Bollards...
    Yeah - they're everywhere... I might thin them out a little for the final release.

    The pub is shut!
    .. and so are all the other shops!... Indeed! It's a simple "generic shopfront" model, really just designed to give the impression of a row of little shops... perhaps when I've expanded my modelling skills a little things will get more elaborate...
    The shop textures are occasionally a little low-res, and in some cases pretty inappropriate too... A couple are merely placeholders, originally designed for my Scotland map, they're just filling the gaps until I source a few more decent hi-res pictures of proper Irish shops...
    (The "mini market" is actually my little local shop here in Glasgow, the post office is actually an English one! - from Cranbourne in Dorset, the chipshop has wildly contradictory prices, etc etc)...
    Most of the shop signs are currently missing too... I'll have those in place for the final version, of course - once I think of a few typical and/or amusing names.

    In fact - if anybody reading is actually IN Ireland, has a halfway adequate digital camera and would like to help out with a few photographs - please feel free to PM me!

    Will you be making the terrain larger/flatter/radically different?
    Probably not... Mondkalb's forthcoming Celle 2 promises to be a tankies paradise with lots of level fields in the classic German style... that wasn't the purpose of this environment... quite the opposite in fact. This landscape is primarily geared towards footslogging grunts-type gameplay. The field systems with hedges and roadside walls effectively negate most of the advantages of long-range weapons, most of the time, while providing good cover and camouflage (woodland camo actually works! especially in a PvP situation!)...

    The AI crash into walls and get stuck on narrow roads - so do I sometimes! Will you change that?
    Again - probably not. These narrow singletrack roads with "drystane dykes" on either side are a distinctive feature of the realworld area. Cars and, in particular, tourist coaches often get stuck in corners (and provide a useful extra income during the summer months for local garage owners with tow-trucks!).
    Most of these roads were laid down centuries ago, along with the field systems themselves. Again, this is a feature of the realworld area which has been incorporated in this simulated landscape... if you look closely, you'll see that the roads basically fall into two categories...
    "Main" or modern roads often cut directly across field patterns - you'll see the "field shape" continue on the other side of these roads... in other words - the fields came first, and the newer roads disregard the original boundaries in their haste to get from A to B.
    In contrast, the "older" and smaller roads tend to wind a lot, with quite a few twists and turns as they follow the boundaries of the fields...
    In general, anything bigger than a standard civilian car or a landrover is going to have occasional bumps, especially on the singletrack roads... Generally speaking, they weren't designed for armoured vehicles...

    So this is a Beta... will there be a Final Version?
    Definitely! So far there's been no horrendous or game-breaking bugs reported - thankfully! If that continues to be the case, I'll probably skip an interim v0.9 and move directly to a final v1.0 some time in the relatively near future... I'd like to expand the smaller villages a little, add another small "town" the size of Ballybrian (with more shops & pubs of course), and add a few more outlying farms, sheepfolds, cowsheds, etc. Although this is primarily a pasture-based area with the emphasis on "animal farming", a few "planted" fields wouldn't go amiss either...

    Will you be adding a.....
    1: Border line on the map... Probably not - I'll leave that to missionmakers to decide I think...
    2: a GAA pitch/club house... Maybe! Good Idea!.... Maybe near the new "town" when it's built....

    I got error messages with startparameter -showScriptErrors in the island Intro
    Yeah, noticed that error myself... I've been tinkering with Tupolov's random intro script while not really knowing what I was doing - as usual...
    It's not a gamebreaking error so I let it go for now, though I'll of course attempt to tidy that for the final version...
    Thanks for reporting it though!!! It's precisely these sort of reports that make releasing a Beta worthwhile!

    Guess that's all for now..... more news when I have some additions to actually talk about!

    @ Mr Burns
    Hmmm... that's weird!
    I wonder what could be causing that? I'll have a little go myself...

    Some of the little drumlins are a little angular here and there - despite the relatively small 5m grid size, they're tricky landdscape features to model on such a small scale...
    I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what's going on... I must admit I didn't do much testing with aircraft on this one - footslogging and landrovers mostly...

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    @ Burns: In all honestly, that's a horrid place to land anyway, it's WAY too steep.
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    hrhr, it was the one place that drew me in to take a look on foot!
    I´m sure people could live without landing on top of those drumlins (new word learned yay), point of my post rather was pointing out another funny in the arma engine than making a fuss about it

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    Your "obsession with landscape & natural environment modelling" really pays dividends. IMHO ArmA 2's rendering of terrain at middle distances is one of its weakest points (tends to look like OFP) and the care you take over blending nearby clutter with middle distance textures and the satmap really helps negate that. Sexy map, makes me want to make missions again.

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