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Thread: Carraigdubh, County Leitrim. - A 5x5km Geotypical Irish Terrain

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    Carraigdubh, County Leitrim. - A 5x5km Geotypical Irish Terrain

    Carraigdubh, Co. Leitrim
    A 5x5km Geotypical Microterrain

    *** St Patrick's Day Special Edition - Beta v0.8 ***


    Once again it's time to inflict my obsession with landscape & natural environment modelling on a wider public!
    This time the excuse is, of course, St Patrick's Day, and the landscape in question is an entirely synthetic representation of a small area of County Leitrim, one of the northern Counties of Ireland - close to the border with Northern Ireland.

    Unlike my previous "Geotypical Microterrains" which were essentially public exercises in terrain modelling & texturing, this terrain is considerably more "finished". My central focus, as usual, has been on creating a believable natural environment (that part is mostly finished)... but this time there's actually a few typical locations to visit (these are considerably less "finished" and will be expanded and added to for the final version)...

    Geology & the Local Environment

    County Leitrim contains a great variety of landscapes....

    TerrainmakersTechnical Details



    Pretty terrains are all very well, but without missions to actually play they're just so much scenery... I'm therefore particularly grateful to the Mighty Wolle, who selflessly sacrificed his couple of days off this week to convert some classic missions for Carraigdubh...

    co06 Cleansweep BAF
    A recreation of the famous OFP mission, set in the main town of Ballybrian.
    co06 Bardak's Toy
    Bardak has a new toy, it's up to you to break it for him...
    co06 Sgt Moore BAF
    After one guinness too many in Molly McGlone's, Sgt Moore has managed to get himself kidnapped - again! Fortunately we had him tagged after the last episode, so your team can track him down using your high-tech Beepy Thing.
    SP Steal The Tractor
    "You're in position Pat, so you are..."
    Someone has stolen Patrick O'Brien's tractor - he knows who they are and where they're hiding and he's going to get it back so he is!

    *** all missions included in the main download ***


    Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead or Combined Operations is required!


    Carraigdubh BETA v0.8 @ Armaholic
    Also available on the Six Updater Network
    ***UPDATE*** Serverkey & V2 .bisign Files (Thanks to Jedra for the bug report!)

    *** EDIT ***
    Please note - Wolle has updated two of his missions which were included in the original terrain download...
    Please grab the updated versions below for tat Maximum Oirish Experience!
    Cleansweep v101- Fixed the missing notes and briefing text.
    Return The Tractor v101 - Removed cwr2_abel in the list of required addons.

    Additional Missions

    Coop04 - Rapid Rescue - Rescue Sean from the Brits! - Another fine mission by Wolle!
    ZK's BattleZone V3 MSO v6b - - A Warfare/Battlezone/MSO Multiplayer Mayhem mission by Kremator!

    Credits & Thanks

    Bohemia Interactive - of course!
    Foxhound & Armaholic - best hosting ever!
    CWR2 Team & Wolle - patience, models loan & advice and missions!!
    Mikero - absolutely essential tools!***
    Shezan74 - equally essential World Tools
    Mondkalb - cunning techie tricks
    Tupolov - random intro script
    Roger Bodger - terrain playtesting
    Satnam Sagoo - original suggestion

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

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    OMG YES!

    This will work perfectly with the IRA troops Stagler just released!

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    And just in time before I head off to the pub! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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    Holy s***! Bushlurker, you know what? This looks brilliant! Looking SO good, that I think I'm going to piss my pants Waiting with huge interest this one. Thanks!
    -=TREAT 'EM ROUGH - The Tanks!=-

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    Sorry I disabled the hotlinking. I need to otherwise this month we are going towards 25TB of traffic (on just one server!) and I am not going to pay for that. So, if you do not mind please remove the direct link. :D

    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.
    Last edited by Foxhound; Mar 17 2012 at 15:57.
    Visit Armaholic.com | Visit Carriercommandaholic.com

    Public FTP available, just check the Armaholic.com FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Author of the Thread
    please remove the direct link.
    Done! - I was just in the middle of PM'ing you there to say the thread was active now...

    Thanks for all your help mate!


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    Kudos!!! This certainly is a finest quality map... which grid size did you use this time Mr. Bush?


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    thats it...i must finish the Irish Infantry lol
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    Happy St Patricks Bush. Was waitin for this mate nice one.

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    Great to see this and already with some missions

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