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Thread: MP: Hinds request "Patrol"

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    MP: Hinds request "Patrol"

    Can anyone with knowladge better than me about editor create a MP mission based on TOKH: HINDS - "Patrol" mission?
    Simply but with two Mi-24V & share cocpit option?

    It miss in this addon .
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    When you say 'Share Cockpit' I presume you mean pilot/gunner?
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    Yes, for sure . I created yesterday and we tested but not very complex. It was nice if I see the other Hind from cocpit.

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    To learn how to make missions you can just see the videos on you-tube about Arma 2 editing. The editing techniques are the same. In addition you can download custom missions and see their triggers and scripts in order for you to learn even more things about editing in TOH. And if you have questions it is best to ask for help in the arma 2 editing forums. Since the editing is the same they will help you out greatly, as they have helped me. And just to point out that editing in TOH does indeed take a lot of time.

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    Btw, if you want any scripts to look at, feel free to debinarize any of my missions that I made for TOH. (i've gone to A3, but could probably help you with the scripting if you need it)
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