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Thread: Realistic joystick?

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    Check this guy have done a collective with a T16000. Hope it can help you.
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    Cool Current owner review of Rainman controls

    One of my customers has posted a review of the controls he bought from me here http://www.hovercontrol.com/cgi-bin/...T;f=43;t=20965
    I am always more than happy to answer questions in regards to the performance or customising of my controls as well.
    I have noticed that everybody is wanting hall effect sensors, I have been fitting an industrial grade robotics hall sensor in each of the cyclic axis and I am getting a 700 increment count across each of the axis.

    This is the sports plane sim with H300 style collective prototype.
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    Good Joystick

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattressi View Post
    A long time ago I had a few flights in an R22 (that is, I was flying it, with an instructor of course). Since then I haven't flown at all, but I recently heard about TKON and thought I'd give it a go. The demo has been quite fun, though it doesn't seem to perfectly match my experiences (though, as I said, they were a long time ago).

    I'd think quite a lot of the issue is that I'm flying with the keyboard only. I can easily manoeuvre through the training and missions, but I find it to be quite difficult to maintain a perfectly steady hover.

    So, I'm in the market for a good joystick (preferably with some kind of collective and pedals; even if the collective is just a plane throttle). The thing I'm wondering, is if there are any joysticks out there that respond like a helicopter cyclic - from what I can remember, the cyclic didn't spring back into the center if I let got of it - rather, if I were to let go of it, it would slowly fall away and could potentially cause a dangerous situation if allowed to fall too much. I tried the only joystick at the local computer store and it sprung back to center after I moved it.
    So, the question: are there any joysticks that don't do this? I know that it's not a huge issue, since I don't plan to let go of the joystick anyway, but I was just wondering if there were more authentic helicopter-oriented joysticks.

    Outside of spending a lot of money on full scale controls, I find the controller I'm using to be very enjoyable. I use a 6 channel USB I-controller (radio control dummy controller) from a well known RC sim company. It is very precise and allows you to do coordinated heli flying in a smooth and exact way. I fly real and rc heli's and it's a blast to do autos with this setup. I myself left the centering spring in because it would be too loose otherwise. In a real heli you get stick shake and, of course, force feedback from the rotors, engine and wind. So the spring at least gives you some resistance. I don't know if anybody else uses these for flight sims but for me it's my favorite to use because of the cost, simplicity and convenience. You can pick them up pretty cheap and once you use it you may never go back to a regular joystick. I use it for all my sims and I love it.

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    Hungo...your products are top notch! Easily the best and most endorsed choice by real pilots! I am just on a very limited budget and have been forced to get creative.

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    I build the Rainman brand controls, all the cyclics that I produce are only ever fitted with high grade industrial robotics sensors, the cyclic is also available as a standalone unit.I can also fit it with a budget version grip which will also drop the cost a little further.

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    As a preventative measure, I would just like to remind everyone of §4:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Forum Rules
    §4) Advertising commercial products
    Do not advertise any commercial products other than those of BIS/BIA on the forums without prior BIS/BIA approval.
    That said, it's very nice to have a specialist hardware manufacturer among us

    My inbox is fill and won't be emptied. If your PM is regarding requests to use my work, unfortunately I choose not to grant such permission. My work is for use with CWR2 only.

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