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Thread: The Console and the PC are dead as gaming platforms so where now?

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    The Console and the PC are dead as gaming platforms so where now?

    Hi all

    I posted in the codies thread but thought the concepts I was touching on needed a proper airing.

    First up consoles or dinosaur tech. Most of them are near seven years old, X box 360 was released on May 12, 2005.

    The PC due to its flexability will survive a little longer via download distribution and the fact their graphics continue to improve.

    I rarely log on to my PC other than for work, I use one for a recording studio and if I have a report to write, or some development to do, but other than that it takes up less and less of my leisure time.

    ArmA III will be the last PC game I buy.

    I watch TV on an Android tablet on the move or that I plug in to my TV, it gives me access any program any time I want, the Sky subscription will not be renued when the contract runs out.

    The tablet is also where I have started to game as the quality is now already that of a low end console but more importantly it improves every few weeks. Infinte Black and games like it are the future of gaming on the Android platform.

    The killer is Google Glasses. Bluetoothed to data-gloves they are a level of gaming tech you would not believe.

    Kind Regards walker
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    Oh good lord. ANOTHER one of these "everything now is rubbish the future is coming" walker threads...

    Quote Originally Posted by walker View Post
    ArmA III will be the last PC game I buy.
    Good, then maybe you'll stop making so many nonsense threads.

    This is as good as your "OMG PCs are dead, Sony is releasing a holodeck!!1!11!eleven!!1!!" thread. Which was then shown to be just PR bull/viral marketing...

    Until games like CoD, BF, ME etc stop making hundreds of millions of dollars profit, consoles and pcs will live on as gaming platforms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ***LeGeNDK1LLER*** View Post
    well you are 1 of the greatest examples that pressing the reply button doesn't mean necessarily answering.

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    OMG, the PC is dead. Long live the PC.

    Honestly, the PC was called dead so many times and it still is alive, it's just boring. Every platform has it's weaks and strongs, be it PC, Console or Tablets (and whatever the future brings).

    As you say yourself, Tablets are as powerful as low end consoles. Just look at the so-called "Gaming Laptops" how they perform: short battery life and a weight that almost spits on the term "transportable". It comes down to what you expect and what you play. I can't imagine to plug in TrackIR, X52Pro HOTAS, Rudder pedals and Saitek PCDash2 to a Tablet to play DCS:A10 on it.

    I even think to remember to have read a article recently that says that game sales on PC have significantly increased.

    Yeah, the PC is dead, cool story, Bro.

    Personally i don't think the google glasses will be a success:
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    Somehow I fail to see how a tablet OS will replace our pcs.I think since 2001 people keep saying pc gaming will die,but don't worry,in 20 years people will still play on their pcs while others will say how dead this platform is.
    Oh and btw I had an Asus Transformer and at first it was a welcomed addition to my laptop,but now I got rid of both my laptop(was pretty old) and the tablet,and got them replaced by an Asus Zenbook.Don't really see the use of the tablet while I have my super light ultrabook.
    Also gaming on a tablet???How the hell can you game on that OS??I mean serious gaming not Angry Birds or some dumb shooter tailored for the platform.

    Doesn't mean I hate Android or Google,it's very useful as smartphone OS but that's about it.
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    Consoles aren´t dead. Both sony and microsoft are working on next gen gaming consoles to be released around 2013 - 14. What´s slowly going to die out is PC gaming. The people that were there at the apex of PC gaming are by now getting older, getting involved in job, family, and other, more interesting or rewarding hobbies. New people coming to PCs are either doing it because they need to for the job, or they´re a small group of tech savvy people who care about technology and being at the cutting edge. PC gaming is in trouble because it´s harder to get into PCs: people get lazy. Consoles are much easier than PC games, just pop the disc in and play. With PCs, you have to make sure you buy a good rig, make sure you know how to operate the OS, make sure you have drivers and peripherals set up correctly, know how to fix things if they don´t work, manage disc space and general setup (especially networking), install the game and then deal with possible hiccups there because of hardware/software conflicts or problems.

    Consoles are much easier to develop for too as far as I´m informed, because of standardized hardware and software kits.

    We PC gamers are a dying breed. Console gamers are not.

    (Edit: Actually the amount of PC gamers over the past ten years is probably, on average, pretty constant. Just in relation to people working with PCs and in relation to Console gamer numbers, it´s gotten smaller. Dedicated PC games with big player bases such as WOW or other upcoming A-games that are PC-only increase the numbers a little, but the market is still with the consoles.)

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    I knew Google was taking over the world!1!!
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    Probably some truth in what he says but 'premature interlocution' as usual.

    Why would I use a tablet to game? I love my 24" screen! How do you type code on it efficiently? How do you multitask? This PC is only for browsing Facebook mantra you see in Windows 8, Tablets and Ubuntu Unity really depresses me. I like having 50 windows open FFS!!!!! I don't want my PC functionality hidden from me, I have a brain!!!!
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    were now, I can say you were now, I fidn myself in the real world playgroudsn more and more often these days since games got more and more boring...we play the same repeteive shit for 20 years now and im out of it finally.
    A2 was the last game for me.

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    Even if we get tablets with multi-core processing and improved graphics and the technical mumbojumbo that can hurt the PC business in what concerns gaming, who will want to code/play a game like Skyrim or BF3 or even ArmA3 in a 10.1" screen? Even if you get to plug it to a bigger screen, unless ARM processors get godlike efficiency we will have lithium batteries with autonomy of what? 10 minutes?

    What I think is already happening is that consoles and tablets are concentrating the less mature and more arcade gamers/games, while PC remains king amongst the simulation, strategy, FPS and RPG games. And I don't think Nvidia, AMD and Intel can profit that much from tablets, that they can stop improving and launching new PC hardware. Because, let's be honest, beside games and a few other applications, there is no need for a new CPU or GPU for simple PC work like Office and Facebook.

    Also, what would be of the modding communities like this one?

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    The Console and the PC are dead.

    What's alive? Iphone and tablet, casual gaming. What's next games on a television? Seriously LOL thread.

    and Fword Google, I'm not buying anything from them. Luckily for me I decided to buy Nokia smarthone with Symbian than smartphone with Google Android. Only thing I need is google spying technology, no thanks.

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