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Thread: Best pc out the two for server

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    Best pc out the two for server

    Hi all I have just got a second hand server its an AMD optiron 2.1 quad core and I want to know if its better than the pc I currently use is an AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core at 2.6.

    Now I know ARMA2 server dont make use of more then one core (Boooooo) so I am still thinking the higher clock speed of my old one would be better but I dont know for sure.

    Any ideas.


    This is assuming every thing is the same eg same amount of ram etc etc I just want to know about the CPU`s.


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    bumpy bump bump.

    Any one please I think I know he answer but I would like some one that may have a pc along the same lines.

    I wonder if the extra cach on the quad core would help more?.

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    doesn't sound like either one is going to be strong enough to run some of the larger and more resource hungry missions...but if youre going to run smaller type missions then i guess it's ok...but regardless, at this point id probably just go with the Quad core...its already been proven to run the game better than dual cores.

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    Yeah I know both of them aint great LOL but it will be only me and 4 others or so.

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