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Thread: Tripplehead2go digital

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    Tripplehead2go digital


    I just wonder and want to know if there are people that have tripplehead2go and play with arma ofcourse ,like me
    beacuse its supported by matrox but i don`t see a thing on this forums about it.

    so im a bit curious whois got it , and what user experience is with tripplehead2go digital.

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    I had an analog version a year or so ago and got on very well with it. Was running three 1280x1024 screens, and it really got me into multiscreens and I could not go back to a single monitor. The digital version gives more resolution options, though it is not made any more (I believe), so I think Eyefinity or whatever Nvidia releases is the way to go. That was my reason for moving to Eyefinity, as I put the £200 price tag towards a better GPU instead. A strong GPU is still needed to drive it along with support for the wider res in games, but overall my experience was very positive.

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    A cheap and very good way to go is this:
    I bought the cheapest PCI-e card and played with 3X19 monitors. But that was when I played armed assault, havent tried it with arma2 as I only use one 16:10 flat screen now.
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    gtx 680 is probably the way to go for multimonitor arma. Maybe wait for the 4GB versions.
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    I have a Th2go Digitial and also an Eyefinity setup.

    Both work great with this game.
    No messing about with config files or memory hacks. Hud's on the centre screen. Flawless execution.

    I didn't really ever get the digital version's new resolutions to work for me.
    So I run that on ye olde non widescreens and the Eyefinity on widescreens.

    There is another 3 way splitter out there that does, the same resolutuions as Matrox TH2go but is about £100 cheaper. I think it may be made by Startech.

    I'm not planning to buy any more splitters, now that GFX cards have it built in. Not to mention they have no max resolution cap, unlike TH2go.

    If you own one, plug it in, you'll love one, but if you are buying from scratch, by a new GFX card instead. TH2Go has been superceded, buy ATi Eyefinity GFX cards (And now the Nvidia 680 also)

    A great way to play, multi-screen. I'll never go back to singles.
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