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Thread: Command to prevent error-messages

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeno View Post
    Just look at your last post in the editing forums... You post a sqs code snippet and write that's what's in your sqf file. Or look what you wrote here: "In almost all my sqF files I have goto"... there is no goto in sqf.
    Create a file.sqF with
    _a = 0;
    goto "jumpto";
    hint "this message won't be shown";
    _a = _a+1;
    _a = _a+1;
    if (_a==1) then {hint format ["%1",_a]};
    and execute it by [] exec "file.sqf"; in your init.sqs or in a trigger.

    Why then is there NO hint "this message won't be shown" and no blackbox-error message? Why then is _a == 1 at the end of the file? Why then does this sqf (f like fox) executed with [] exec "file.sqf" work as expected and without any errors? I do not understand why people maintain this example would not work whereas it works without any error or problems.

    Why then does this code work when "there is no goto in sqf" ?

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    That explains a lot.

    You're executing the file using "exec" instead of "execVM", which means it will be run as an SQS script, regardless of the file extension. (If I'm not mistaken.)

    You are essentially still writing and running SQS scripts, but merely mislabeling them as SQF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarden View Post
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