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Thread: Sky mods problem

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    Sky mods problem

    Hello, ok first i have windows7 (64bit) running on my computer.For the last couple of days i was trying to load those sky mods(Sky pack by Kegetys,llaumax,modulsky_v0.9, etc) on my cold war assault and when i extract them in my main Cwa folder i am supposed run those batch files(install_win2k_XP,install_win98_ME,install) of those mods and when i do that i get this message "Error data.pbo not found press any key to continue..."(this is in a black window - C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe).In the read me file of this mods it says that something should happen but it does not for me.I tried with the right button of mouse and use compatibility options does not help, tried with dos box program also, try to find solution on net but nobody mention this problem!This is my first post on this forums so i hope i have picked the right thread.Sorry for the bad constructing of sentences, English is not my first language.

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    I guess those extractors don't work anymore with CWA, as IIRC there isn't any "htwl" folder left, as there used to be in Resistance.

    An advanced solution i tried yesterday is :

    (1) make a copy of the "data" and "data3d" .pbo files which can be found in the CWA Dta folder ;
    (2) unpack them with a pbo tool (PboX, Eliteness or whatever) ;
    (3) copy and paste the textures files (.paa or .pac extensions) in the unpacked "data" file, replacing vanilla ones ;
    (4) copy and paste the model files (.p3d extension) in the unpacked "data3d" file, replacing vanilla ones ;
    (5) repack the "data" and data3d" pbo files with the same tool as in (2) ;
    (6) launch the sky pack as a mod folder : create a folder (for example @my_new_sky) in the main CWA folder, create a "Dta" folder into it, then put the "data" and "data3d" pbo files into this "Dta" folder, and launch it as a mod (with -mod=@my_new_sky at the end of the shortcut target's line).

    Look's quite complicated, but it's not that hard (packing / unpacking "data" and "data3d" pbo takes quite a long time though).

    I did it but i'm not satisfied with those sky packs because of the very brutal transition between good and bad weather skies.

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    I tried this tonight and it is working, thank you very much in the beginning it was like the mathematics in high school difficult but after i tried couple of times i got it right,much obligated!

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