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Thread: Dedicated server file download.

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    set up your X..
    then try something like
    export DISPLAY=":0.0"
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    Quote Originally Posted by nuxil View Post
    set up your X..
    then try something like
    export DISPLAY=":0.0"

    Thanks for your response, would you be able to go into more details as I still can't get it working? What do you mean by 'set up your X..'?

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    install X server on the server. which most likely is already..
    connect to to the server from windows to the linux server using remote desktop. example use VNC.
    once you have thouse in place. log in as root. if you can not use root. sudo instead.
    sudo export DISPLAY=":0.0"
    sudo wine foobar.exe
    For more help. i suggest you join the "Linux Arma Server" group on skype.

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