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Thread: Funny story of how Poland wants to 'poison' Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceBreakr View Post
    Bitch please, I use it to make a homemade eggnog
    Yep. It's better then using a vodka in this case

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    spiritus is killing ? hehe, i can drink spirit, not a problem (i just don't like drinking, but i can if i have to)
    spirt is great to: ice creams (chocolate, citron, citrus icecreams)
    you can add a little of spirt to chocolate cake, also it is great for cleaning things , good to clean metal from oils and some electronical devices, good to clean fridge, good to clean glass, good to clean heads of tape recorders specially when you have it cheaper thanx to ... some guys
    spirt can be good for cleaning markers, pen spots from clothes etc.

    the best is with citron-chocolate ice-cream :]
    there is also one usage of spirit - put it together with pepper or better with juglans walnut , than it is best when you are feeling sick after meal,
    drinking such wallnut-spirit will help stomach diseases better than any drugs to digestion when you are sick after not fresh meat or meal , it really helps, natural medicine :]
    spirit also helps when you afraid that meat could not have been fresh, i prefer such wallnut-spirit than those drugs like "hepatil" (whatever name of medicament for stomach problems)
    it can save from vomiting or diarrhea all day long :]
    as far as i remember, fresh juglans walnut (not dry, fresh from tree) + spirit, let it melts for 2 weeks , and in case of being sick after meal you have natural cure (20-50 ml would be enough)

    the same they don't eat our "rotten cucumbers" which we love + we do not eat Gorgonzola cause i feel to vomit seeing or touching Gorgonzola (or any green-cheese )

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    Quote Originally Posted by vilas View Post
    i feel to vomit seeing or touching Gorgonzola (or any green-cheese )
    Dude, seriously? What could be better than a lovely Stilton:

    It's practially cheese-porn!

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    light blue-silver cheese is not bad on pizza, but a little + cappari but gorgonzolla and green-cheese ... i'd rather take 50ml of this spirit and few rotten(sour) cucumbers with rotten(sour) cabbage plus fresh mushrooms with fresh onion (people used to eat it boiled, baked) ;P
    we also have "black bread" which rest probably do not have :]
    black bread is from the same grain which vodka and spirit is - rye

    also i heard that in west we eat bananas which Indians give to animals only

    there is one thing as bad as Gorgonzola, plastic colored perfumed meat from Spain (Spanish bacon as far as i remember, Parmanian or like this, the call it "long rotting meat" or like this, this bacon with color like cherry are, i bought it once, it was twice expensive comparing to our pink-grey bacon, but all was thrown back to trash, noone in home wanted to eat it, even homeless cats , i payed 8PLN for 75g comparing to 4 PLN for 100g our bacon, even homeless cat did not wanted it)
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    Spirit is great stuff but some people are afraid of it. I´m a croat who lives in Germany and I really had to laugh when some friends of mine watched me in disbelief after I downed a whole glass of Absinth without any expression on my face. (I´m not a drinker)
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    but what is funny, when you would look at statistics, people on west drink as much alco as on the west, but they prefer beer or wine,
    when my friends were working in UK and IRL they were shocked about drinking and vomiting people on the streets there, they were thinking (by stereotype) than "only we drink" but things they've seen on islands shocked them,
    maybe they drink lower-percentage drinks there and more expensive, but vomit more,
    i don't know how it looks on west myself, but i can drink whole bottle of cheap wine (3 Euro wine) for occasion and it doesn't kill me, it is soon air out :] and i am not heavy big man (volume of blood + fat in organism to take alco) , but i have seen abroad guys falling down after half of bottle of wine (15% volume ?) the only thing that i want after bottle is fall asleep asap
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    Well we are slavs, its in our blood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonci87 View Post
    Well we are slavs, its in our blood
    It sure is. All the time.

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    vilas, I think it'd down to the way we drink in the UK.

    Hardly anybody drinks alcohol regularly during the working week, and if they do it's only a very small, relatively dilute amount (a glass of wine or one or two bottles of beer) on a couple of days in the week. I don't think stomachs are prepared for when people suddenly drink 10-20 times that amount of alcohol on a single night (mixing beer, cider, wine spirits etc.), before waiting another seven days to do it again. It's a bit like trying to run a large distance every Friday when the for rest of the week, you do nowt but sit on your arse watching tele - your body wont thank you for it.

    Personally, in my teens I used to go to the pub most days in the week and I'd cope pretty well if I did drink a more significant amount of alcohol at parties or had a reason to do so at the end of the week. Later on, when my drinking habits changed because of increased study and work commitments; I found I had a worse physical response to large amounts of alcohol, even though the total number of units of alcohol I'd drink in a week remained the same as before, and it'd take me the same number of drinks per session to feel the neurological effects of alcohol (so notionally I was still getting to the same level of drunkenness as before).

    I think the amount of alcohol people consume in a given week across Europe is pretty consistent wherever you go - Brits just do it in one of the least sensible way nowadays. My father's generation had a much better drinking habits socially, even though the type, and total amount of alcohol they consumed was probably less healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vilas View Post
    but what is funny, when you would look at statistics, people on west drink as much alco as on the west, but they prefer beer or wine,
    when my friends were working in UK and IRL they were shocked about drinking and vomiting people on the streets there, they were
    was waiting for us to get a mention :P

    screw vodka, poitín is where its at
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