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Thread: Tutorials:Blender 2.49b.Unwrap/Map a model for OFP/CWA

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    Tutorials:Blender 2.49b.Unwrap/Map a model for OFP/CWA

    I'm not sure how many people are still interested in tackling this subject.But I thought I'd
    put these tutorials out there,on the off chance that they may be of use.They aren't
    doing much good sitting around on my Hd.

    They revolve around version 2.49b of Blender.I'm familiar with,and use newer
    versions,but they don't have Vektorboson's excellent P3d scripts.Check out this thread
    from Sanctuary for more information.

    Although you can get the model into O2 with uv co-ordinates intact,without exporting to P3d,
    it's a lot handier to go straight in.As you can unwrap/map,paint and even weight your model
    in Blender.You can also use layers to create meshes for Resolution,Geometry,Fire geometry,
    Viewpilot etc.Unfortunately mass and proxies aren't exported and textures need to be redirected.
    So O2 is still required to take care of this,and finalise the model.Only a small limitation as far as I'm concerned.

    The tutorials also have a particular slant to them.As they were originally intended for members
    of the Wh40k mod.But that shouldn't make it any more difficult to follow.The processes can be
    applied to any modeling project.

    If you find yourself in any difficulty,then let me know,and I'll do my best to sort you out.

    This link should remain active for 30 days.


    If you're going to import an existing P3d,to check scale,then make sure you hit CTRL-A.
    And apply scale and rotation to objData.This should ensure there's no scaling issues on

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    Thanks BUT! What is a curve link you are posted here ?! maby use somelikes rapidshare, multiupload etc. reupload please, link is bad!

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    The link is working for me, mediafire being very reliable usually.
    Here's a "mirrorcreator" bunch of alternate links if needed :

    Excellent tutorials, clear and very well illustrated to help understand.

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    Thanks Sanc.Much appreciated.For the kind words and extra link.Although mediafire works fine for me too.
    Could be a matter of location I suppose.

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    Any chance of reuploading this?

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    Just scroll down a bit until you see the big Blender banner.The techniques used apply to any app really.
    Although it is centered around blender 2.49b in particular.

    You could still use that version without any problems,despite the fact the series is up to 2.67 now.

    If you've any questions,let me know.I'll do my best to help.

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    Thanks for the link and the offering for help

    I must have visited that site and seen that news entry a million times, and still I didn't put two and two together... my bad.

    The tutorials look great BTW.

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    yes - I recently updated to 2.67 and the new update of the converter - and it now does not show up in the import/export menu....

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    From the user preferences>addons menu in blender you can use "install from file".
    Point to the location on your drive,where you downloaded the zip file.

    It should now show up in the list of import/export addons,as an OFP importer and and exporter.
    If it doesn't show up immediately then restart Blender.

    If you have any problems,post back,or send me a PM.

    I'm using 2.67b at the moment.

    If you resolved the issue,then let us know.A quick post might help someone else sort
    out their own problem,if they happen by this thread.
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    Oh - yes - got it now ... thanks!

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