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Thread: Take On Patch 1.04, "Cougar"

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    Cool Take On Patch 1.04, "Cougar"

    Dear Community,

    As we head towards the release of our first DLC, it's time for another patch for Take On Helicopters. Next to the fixes and improvements, enjoy flying the complementary new livery
    Find a selection of download links on the official website.

    Important Information
    • This patch is for non-Steam versions of the game, requiring any version from the initial retail release v1.01.
    • Steam and other digital platforms will be updated automatically as soon as possible.

    Patch Highlights
    • Massive flight model upgrade (RotorLib 4.0)
    • Initial introduction of Java scripting
    • DRM-free for users of legitimate installations
    • FXAA and SMAA support added (new anti-aliasing techniques)
    • Time Trial functionality improvements

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