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Thread: TKOH Patch 1.04 - Release Candidate

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    Quote Originally Posted by [EVO] Dan View Post
    I got a quick question, what is the Rotorlib 4.0 thing for? I googled it but didn't find anything meaningful about it.
    Take On Helicopters uses licensed library called Rotorlib. It launched with 3.x version of the library, the upcoming update will contain newer / better version 4 of this library that results in better and more authentic helicopter experience in the game.
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    The changelog does not say anything about the rope simulation so I guess this
    Quote Originally Posted by Zipper5 View Post
    Unfortunately, rope simulation is currently not MP compatible. If it is a hosted server, the host will be the only one the system will work on. The rope and cargo will be invisible for the clients. It won't work at all on dedicated servers.
    is still valid, right ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeno View Post
    The changelog does not say anything about the rope simulation so I guess this

    is still valid, right ?

    I also would like to know this (for slingloading purposes mainly)
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    Setting up missions in sub-folders now works nicely! Pics and all. One thing I did notice is that if you are not using overview.html in the parent folder, you have to put overview=""; in the parent folder;

    class TimeTrials {
      class tt_main_folder {
        displayname = "My Time Trials";
        overviewText = "My sexy time trials";
        overviewPicture = "sexypic.paa";
        overview="";  // I am not using an overview.html file
        class TT1 {.....};
        class TT2 {.....};
        class TT3 {.....};
    Otherwise you get a (non-fatal) config error. You don't have to do this in the sub-folders (you can just leave it out). I don't know if it's always been like that though.
    Last edited by Jedra; Mar 5 2012 at 19:51. Reason: may as well get the syntax right ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedra View Post
    The 'spin of death' is still there with the medium helicopter though. Maybe, the medium just should never have full collective applied?
    An idea for the medium is to have the "analog collective raise" key instantaneously increase collective to a value <100%, like maybe 80-90%. Conversely, the "analog collective lower" key could decrease collective to a value >0%, like 10-20%. Or the max/min collective values for those controls could be configurable perhaps... Such changes would be less jarring to the heli, and may reduce the possibility of damage and spin. Of course, if the spinning is a manageable bug, then the above are unnecessary.

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    Thanks for the tests! The RC has survived final testing for this patch
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