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Thread: Issues with RCON GUI from Devheaven

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    Issues with RCON GUI from Devheaven

    I have been having an issue with the ArmA 2 RCON 1.8.1 Beta from Soner Boztas.

    Essentially, when I connect, it tells me at the bottom RCON Admin #1 (Insert IP Here) logged in. However, it won't say received player list at the bottom, and give me a play list. It also won't show me a ban list, or any of the missions loaded on the server. It will show the people connecting at the bottom, as well as the chat, but I can't kick or ban, or even see who is on the server.

    Now, currently, the best fix I have for it is to literally spam the rcon login repeatedly. Eventually, it will usually work. However, it could take anywhere from 3 times to over 100. And usually I give up after that. Other admins in the community I am in also have this problem, and no one knows a definite fix. Other people, however, never have a problem logging in.

    I post this on the BI forums because it is a popular admin program for servers in ArmA, and my help request on the devheaven project itself was never looked at. I figured someone in the community might have had this problem and figured out a fix for it.

    Thanks in Advance,
    I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section of the forums. This was the most relevant section that I saw

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    Cant get banlist too from RCON 1.8.1.
    Also please disable autorefresh playerlist.

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    I take it you have also posted this on Devheaven?

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    Did you try to contact Soner?

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    Ive got an answer from Soner about Autorefresh:
    So in next version problem will be resolved.

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    The problem should be fixed now. You are able to disable autorefresh in the settings.ini (AutoRefreshEnable = 0) but it is not necessary anymore to make the kick/ban feature work properly.
    So check out the new version and tell me if it works for you. Thanks.
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