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Thread: End Trigger if player dies without all objectives finished ?

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    End Trigger if player dies without all objectives finished ?

    I have a mission with Objectives 1, 2 and 3

    I want mission to end if player dies but not all objectives accomplished. The twist is the player is supposed to die in last objective so if dies after accomplishing all objectives he wins and if he dies with one objective not finsihed he loses. Any tips are appreciated.
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    Loose trigger condition if dead and not all completed:
    !alive player AND (!obj1 OR !obj2 OR !obj3)
    Make sure you have set obj1,2,3 to false in mission start, also set each of them to true once a objective is completed.

    Now for all completed and dead, im sure you can figure it out now:
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    In MP, if all playable units are dead, mission ends immediately (or pretty much immediately), and your scripts won't even run.

    In SP, if the player dies mission is over as well, and again your scripts won't even run. You won't even get a debriefing screen when dying in SP.
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    Thanks Demonized for the script, much appreciated.
    @galzohar: you are right the mission will end right away before script is even run. My way of getting around it, is to creat a "playable" unit somewhere on map so if all players die, player can switch to the last remaining playable unit for mission end. Not sure if there is a better way of doing it, but this seems to work.

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