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Thread: New BattlEye features for server admins

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    i cant see any logical reason to completely remove the old system as RegEx are a pain to get right maybe some more examples would help a lot of server owners get to grips with this

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    i suggest to read this

    so far only issue is you can't use {number} for repeated values but you may use instead {from,to} for repeats
    so e.g. [a-z]{1,10}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarden View Post
    i suggest to read this

    so far only issue is you can't use {number} for repeated values but you may use instead {from,to} for repeats
    so e.g. [a-z]{1,10}
    I run a dayz server, and nobody can join my server anymore, they get kicked for all kinds of stuff

    where can I get the old version of battle eye?

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    Oh dear he we go again

    People are asking for help and all you can say read here, dwarden you are are complete prat

    Why dont you give what people are asking for help instead of links, a lot of the server admins have not got a dam clue about this, but hey if it was dayz there be a million and one examples

    Why dont you come down off your high horse and come back to reality, no one has a clue what to do, lots of examples would help, when a server admin does understand this is the last place he comes to tell the rest of us, but its arma through and through it will never change its a case there it is you know what to do

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    ArmA 2 OA launching without BattlEye issue is still a big problem.

    -When I used the arma2oa.exe i got this error that would restart the game automatically every time it was already running:

    Starting BattlEye Service...
    Updating BattlEye Service...
    Launching game...
    IMPORTANT: Please launch the game via Steam or command line "ArmA2OA_BE.exe 0 0 [parameters]" from now on.

    To solve it simply change the path to: ArmA2OA_BE.exe as shown above! << what i wrote here actually doesnt work, with normal OA.exe each time the app willl restart itself and with the oa_be.exe it wont launch at all?... could it be that the guy who made this oa_be.exe forgot to add the possibility to add parameters making an altered shortcut target not function anymore. any fix for the monstrosity called steam would be nice to the fans who have supported you over the year prior to acctually releasing it it to others to suffer just the same fate (unles you forgot to test this at all?).

    similar problem:

    This bug has still not been adressed, examined or delth with at all. BE once again fails to provide a stable bugfree working security layer for arma. the executables you & BIS have made are broken. please check on your own system first as i dont like teamviewer or unnessesairy connections to my work station too much.

    so again

    armaoa.exe < does work but then BE is disabled?
    arma2oa_be.exe < does not allow anything like "-nosplash -mod=@" as startup parameters > result = no start!!!!!!

    if you disable BE nothing is wrong and all works fine......................... The lack of support is dreadfull

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