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Thread: BREAKING NEWS! The Octopus realy does exist and it really is run by Goldman Sachs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STALKERGB View Post
    I am a Journalist, so am I on that list?
    If you want to escape your daily oppression writing only what you are told to write by your rich bosses, you are welcome to asylum in my garden shed! We can publish the true story of the lies you write every day and I will protect you from the Goldman-Sachs secret army who will no doubt try to have you killed. lol

    @Vilas - the one flaw in your theory is that when this happens, and it does, we get to find out about it eg:

    If what you say happened regularly, it couldn't be hidden. Searching "journalist fired" brings up thousands of links on google and many of them are very disturbing cases of corruption across the world. Many others are simply cases of Journalism ethics and standards and bringing the status and objectivity of their organisation into disrepute. E.g. the young lady in the last link above was justifiably fired because she did break the journalism ethics code. How could listeners/viewers trust her objectivity in the future?

    The other flaw in your theory is that you believed the hype about Stratfor being a secret intelligence organisation, it isn't. It's a jumped up subscription newspaper. Newspapers employ journalists to provide info and investigate stories. Having journalists on the payroll of a newspaper is evidence of what exactly?
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