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Thread: Stuck On Everon [Wip]

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    Quick update, the Town Hide system is working, and Fps has been significantly increased. Running a Nvidia Gt 8800 here, getting about 40 to 50 fps in the 'boonies' now, and between 25 to 35 fps in relatively heavily populated areas. Good news on this, things can carry on to completing the final northern area on the map.

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    Here's some random pics taken from various towns across the map :

    Entrance to large town held by the enemy

    Looking down the wall

    Inside the town


    Enemy within a graveyard

    Up close

    Tank patrolling the ruins

    Enemy forces in Le Moule

    Checkpoint at another large town entrance

    Inside the town

    Near the parking area

    Looking down the fence (different town)


    Small town entrance at night

    Large town entrance at night

    Again, just the northern tip of the island remains to be finished for the primary stuff to be completed in the mission, been real busy lately with work.

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    Due to recent time constaints due to work, and Rl stuff, things are going to be toned down a bit in mission content detail. This has become an option to just abandoning the mission. The map is populated, and the convoys are added and working properly (including units disembarking from transport vehicles when an enemy is detected). An intro and outro are left to be done, and then it is release time. Things have been very busy lately with work, and I may also be shipping out for x months in the near future (non military). So, I thought it would be nice to actually put it out there before it's too late, regardless of imperfections and lack of previously projected mission content. This could also be a modders resource to build upon, although I am aware of the fact Arma 1 is a pretty dead game in light of Arma 2 being out for some time now.

    The time acceleration script was tried, and it really is not worth the fps hit, apart from the fast moving clouds which only add to the negative value of the addition to provide a less than realistic environment. Mission time to start will be around 4:30 A.M., which will both provide night time atmosphere during the mission start and will also allow for day time operations as the player and his/her group advances into enemy territory.

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    Due to real life stuff and whatnot, I have decided to scrap this mission project. I really didnt expect it to take as long as it has, nor be as much trouble as it has been.. guess I forgot how much work mission making can be.

    Anyhow, I'll contact a moderator to have the topic locked, unless ofc a moderator sees this before then they are welcome to lock this.

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