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Thread: strange problem with Bulldozer, when i zoom, than object is... cut away

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    strange problem with Bulldozer, when i zoom, than object is... cut away

    sometimes it happens when i zoom to make screen:

    i have no idea why it happens, it happens since last tools version
    restarting not helps, changing model properties not helps, anyone had it ?
    when i zoom out - all is okey, when i want to see detail, it happens

    maybe something wrong in model ? it happens for me for example with backpack (BIS Arma1 backpack ), i wanted make Backpack - there is problem in Bulldozer, when backpack is on soldier, all is okay

    similar problems i have on some of my RPG (i used Arma1 RPG7 + i made PGO7 scope for it)
    it happens on some other models too
    cannot say why , i had no problem in previous version of tools (not last one 2.51)
    what's more funny, when i scale object - for example scale 2.0 - there in no problem in 50% or on some model still problem
    when i copy-paste mesh to new P3d, still problem remains

    in game models work okay, problem is only in last Bulldozer
    i happens like there was "virtual alpha channel wall"

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    this happens to me too (problem is only in buldozer , when you put this ingame it is ok , no bugs) - i fixing that with adding some random proxy and it is fixed

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    Like RH said, the problem is only bulldozer.
    I usually scale the model up 10 times, just for viewing in bulldozer, which will solve it.

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    that is because of the cutting plane for the camera that seems to be farther away that it used to. That said, there is no way to control its distance afaik

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    As Pufu said, it has to do with the near clipping plane for the camera. You can control what is cut away by balancing the distance of the camera from the object with the zoom level. There appears to be a sweet spot.

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