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Thread: Soldier continuously running

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    Soldier continuously running

    When playing on my private server (haven't tried it out on other servers) when i push the w button for my player to go forward when i let up on the w button he just keeps running and i like have to keep hitting s button a few times for him to stop. any help would be greatly appreciated and the problem is not sticky keys on the keyboard cuz i changed keyboards and its doing the same thing. addtion to original post just went onto another server and it is still doing same thing on other server.
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    I have the same problem, but only infrequently. It also happens when driving vehicles. Playing CO with latest official patch 1.60.

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    are you guys using joysticks/joypads/any additional input devices? If so, then try unplugging/disabling them and see if that works. If not, then it might be a key double-mapped in the controls (any doubles should be highlighted in red)

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