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Thread: Please help me find old missions and scripts from OFPEC

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    Please help me find old missions and scripts from OFPEC

    A few years ago i was obsessed with OFP.

    But my computer went boom and I put the game to bed.

    I recently got Arma.

    I want to recreate what I was doing in OFP prior to the big crash.

    But I have to re-learn how to write scripts again.

    What I want is some of my old missions that were always posted on OFPEC.

    None of the links seem to work and it wont let me re-regester to the site for some reason
    (this is anouther issue, the admin email keeps comming back say server is down, is this the reason my resorces are not there? I have seen others posting on OFPEC recently... I want my old stuff back)

    I specifically want my Dynamic mission template

    and my casualty report script

    Please HELP!

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    Please do not crosspost to get more attention. Exactly the same thread you made in the OFP forum.

    Also if you're an old user with another existing account here, you should contact me with details of the old account so I can merge them into one.

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    Ok sorry, was not my intention to spam or anything. Just thought it was relevent in both places.

    Ok yeah, my previous username was Kendo J. my old email is now defunkt.

    My new user name is the same without the space....

    once again sorry for breaking the rules, it was unintentional

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    The casualty script is still linked to the thread. The CTI thing though... seems long gone. Are you trying to play these in CWA again or just looking for old code?

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    Hey Kendo!

    Oh dear, broken links and an inability to register? Nasty. You should have gotten in touch with one of the staff Anyway, PM me here and we can work it out. You still have an account on OFPEC, if you've forgotten the password we can reset it for you and hopefully solve it that way! As to your lost stuff, well, yeah...sadly so much was lost in the various big crashes, we were actually hoping you the creators would still have them on your HDs! Anyway, hopefully we can solve it all somehow. PM me!


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