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Thread: ArmA Games Score System (Hints)

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    ArmA Games Score System (Hints)

    Hi BIS community,
    it's been a while since i play the arma series, i've finished a lot of times campaigns and missions...but...i've never understand how the score system really works...i mean what are the conditions taken in account after finishing a missions, i can suppose something like time elapsed, kills, accuracy...but i'm not completely sure and i don't know if there are other conditions that i'm not please can somebody axplain me how the whole system works and if the same criteria is applied to the other titles (ofp/a2/a2co) in the same way? also, what is the maximun score possible, i mean how many stars a player can earn after every mission?...tnx

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    You get points by default by killing enemy soldiers and vehicles, and points get subtracted for killing friendly soldiers and vehicles. And then you can get points for completing objectives, but that depends on the mission and if the maker has decided to give you extra points. Also iirc you also get like 1000 starting points.

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    ynx 4 reply,
    so how i can earn stars instead of circles? and also, when you say "killing friends and vehicles" you mean friendly fire situations or fallen comrades?

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    You get substracted points if you kill friendlies, I dont think it entails friendly casualties, the stars I think are a general measure across missions that has something to do with you total score, so for example (this exact count I dont know this is just an example) 1000 points= 1 star 2000 points is 2 starts...etc.

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