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Thread: Arma X: Anniversary Edition Hard Copy in the US

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    Arma X: Anniversary Edition Hard Copy in the US

    I'm trying to find Arma X: Anniversary Edition somewhere in the United States. I really want the printouts of the maps and postcards specifically. I cannot find it for sale anywhere and I don't want a digital copy because that defeats the purpose of the hard copy. Is there any way do get this? Or will I have to find a dealer in the UK area that would sell me a copy. I'm not sure if they would do it because I don't know the legality of it. Does anyone in the US have a hard copy of Arma X: Anniversary Edition?

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    Here you go .

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    This is a hard copy of BAF + PMC and it comes with a map of Takistan, Shapur and Proving Grounds.

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    Can a UK dealer sell games to the US or is there no regulation?

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    Despite the fact that they list the US in their shipping information it doesn't look like you can order that from Amazon from here. You might try contacting them directly though. I've had a lot of luck with Amazon blocked sales by doing that from various companies.

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    Sorry for posting it a bit late.

    Well i got mine from ZEST (Thailand based legit eshop+kind of a distributor) try
    Its downright cheap over there + they do international shipping too. Got mine in just 5 days

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